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Build Your Business Through 100 Conversations
by Nancy Marmolejo

Ever reflected back on your last 100 conversations you had about your business and tallied up the results?

Talking about your business is key and can literally transform your marketing and your income.

It transforms your marketing because it puts new words and phrases together in a real life setting. You may notice yourself describing what you do in a more powerful way and that alone can create dramatic results. Verbal processing does wonders for finding the best way to say something!

Your income transforms because as you find more powerful ways to talk about your business, people will undoubtedly become more interested. You'll learn how to phrase things to generate interest and curiosity. People will say YES to you more often. Mathematically you improve your chances of getting people to work with you simply by increasing the amount of conversations you have.

A tool I like to keep on hand is simple, fun, motivating and easily tracks how often you talk about your business PLUS the results of those conversations.

It's nothing elaborate and something you can make yourself or find online. It's a chart of the numbers 1-100, a simple 10x10 grid.

Every time I have a conversation with someone interested in working with me, I put a little note in the 100 chart. I even color code it so I can see at a glance what resulted from my conversations. I love this and have even had challenges with friends to see which of us reaches 100 awesome people first. (Warm and fuzzy high achievers, take heed!) You can use a 100's chart in your business in a variety of ways. Here are just a few. As you read these, think of more ways you can use a 100's chart.

1. Use it to track conversations you have where you're directly making an offer.

2. Sales pro's say you really grow once 100 people have said "No" to you. Use the chart to track those 100 No's or 100 Yes's.

3. Use it to track how many offline connections you make with your social media network.

4. If you're having a sale or have a sales goal, use this to track your results.

5. Use this with Twitter! Keep track of retweets, hashtags, spontaneous props sent to you.

6. You may want to challenge yourself to write 100 articles or blog posts. Use this to visually track how close you are to your goal.

The possibilities are endless. Use your creativity to think of more ways you can apply a 100's chart to motivate you in your business.

I love this tool because it's so dang simple, it's visual, and it is very motivating. It doesn't require much more than an pen and paper and it sparks action.

It's said that you become an expert at something when you've done it 10,000 times. Reach mastery one 100's chart at a time. Celebrate your successes, and build your business while you're at it!

Nancy Marmolejo may be contacted at

Nancy Marmolejo is an online visibility expert for heart based entrepreneurs. She teaches how to turn visibility into profitability with smart tips, a great blog, coaching and more. Get free resources and easy to follow strategies at



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