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The Ten Commandments for the Unemployed
by Bev Grey

1.Thou shalt not expect an interviewer to show up at thy doorstep just because thou art unemployed. Thou shalt spread the word about thy employment status to friends, relatives, former coworkers, and everyone thy meets on a daily basis.

2.Thou shalt spend as much time searching for a job as thy formerly spent working at one. Networking, searching the internet, reading newspapers, and attending job fairs may result in new employment for thee.

3.Thou shalt make sure thy resume is taken seriously by not asking for "any job you have available", but applying for a specific job.

4.Thou shalt use thy resume to let potential employers know about thy unique skills, strengths and accomplishments that relate to the job thou art seeking.

5.Thou shalt keep thy resume brief, and make sure it is free of spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. Thou shalt use a professional resume service if thee is unsure how to write an effective resume.

6.Thou shalt prepare for a job interview by doing research about the company online or at the library. Asking "what does this company do?" during an interview will not win thee any points with the interviewer!

7.Thou shalt dress appropriately for an interview, keeping thy wardrobe conservative. Thou shalt make sure thy clothes are clean and well pressed; thy shoes are shined, and thy hair and makeup are not overdone. Thou shalt avoid strong perfume or after-shave.

8.Thou shalt remove any nose or lip rings and cover visible tattoos if at all possible. Feel free to express thyself AFTER thee has landed the job and within thy employer's dress code.

9. Thou shalt turn thy cell phone off when entering the business where thee is interviewing. Thou shalt greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake, and make eye contact during the interview. Thou shalt be enthusiastic about the possibility of working for the company, and refrain from making negative comments about former bosses, co-workers, or company policies.

10. Thou shalt write the interviewer a thank you note after the interview, stressing thy desire for the position and thy qualifications that relate to the position.

Follow these ten commandments and you're sure to find a new job in record time!

Bev Grey may be contacted at

Bev Grey is owner of Advantage Resumes, a resume writing service. She was a staff and training writer for a major telecommunications company for many years, and after retiring from there she founded Grandma's Healthy Kids Club, a program to help children lose weight safely. She is author of "The Project", a fictional story for children, "Ending the Cycle of Obesity Vol. I and II, which are eBooks containing many of her published articles about obesity, and "Please Pinch the Petunias", an eBook about her favorite hobby of gardening. Her love of motivational writing and desire to help people led her to train as a copywriter and resume writer.


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