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How to Look Like You're in 10 Places At Once: Smart Social Networking Tips to Save You Time, Money
by Nancy Marmolejo

I knew I was in trouble when I had my first social networking stress nightmare. In this dream, I was surrounded by computer screens of various sites- YouTube, Facebook, Twitter plus a host of utility and tool sites -- each vying for my attention.

The inboxes of each one were filled with hundreds of unread messages, I needed to click updates, I was behind on posting, and I had thousands of pending friend requests I couldn't get to.

I awoke in a sweat, the chatter of instant messages still fogging my brain. It was at this point I realized something needed to change!

Social networking is a great way to build relationships and generate more business . . . when used correctly and wisely. It can also become time consuming and (dare I say) addictive. The addiction starts out as fun, but then spirals into a monster that eats up your time and costs you money in lost opportunities and distracted focus.

You can still be present on all your favorite sites without having to resort to stealing televisions to support your Twitter habit.

Here are 5 ways you can do it starting today.

1. Connect Facebook to your blog.

In the notes section of Facebook, you have the option to import notes from an outside source. Enter the RSS feed of your blog and each time you post a blog, your blog post will appear on Facebook. If you preload your blog posts for publication at different times, it will load those up on Facebook as they're published.

2. Connect Twitter to Facebook

You can do this really simply by using the applications Twitter and Twitter Synch. Each time you Tweet, it will add that to your status update without any further effort on your part.

3. Sign Up for Tweet Later

Go to and start an account. This site allows you to preload Tweets so if you are traveling or (gasp!) having a life, it will automatically upload these Tweets to Twitter. Remember, these will also appear on Facebook if you've done step 2.

4. Go Back to Your Blog

You can add cool plug-ins to your blog that actually show your social networking activity in a sidebar on your blog. Why is this important? Adding fresh, new content to your blog is what search engines love. Watch a video on this and see all the plug-ins in action by visiting

5. Put it all together on Friend Feed

Sign up for and synchronize all of your social networking pages. This is for the person who has multiple pages up on many sites. It makes life much easier and gives you an at-a-glance view of who is doing what online.

Don't let social networking stress you out. Try these simple tips and put your nightmares to rest with confidence.

Nancy Marmolejo may be contacted at

Nancy Marmolejo simplifies social media for entrepreneurs so they can attract opportunities and build loyal customer fan bases. Nancy’s advice has been shared in over 100 media outlets as well as on her popular blog. Download her free resources by visiting



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