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3 Reasons to Have a Website or Blog If You're Employed

by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

We're All Really Self-Employed

Employed? Really? With all the unemployment and underemployment, with all the people vying for fewer and fewer positions and with the market for employment belonging entirely to fewer and fewer employers, who feels securely employed today?

Much of today's employment is like temporary or contract work. You can't be sure if you're going to have a job next month or next year. You can't be sure, if you've been at a company for a long time, that you are going to make it to retirement. And if you do, you can't be sure the retirement fund is going to be there.

But, young or old; at the beginning or end of your employment years, you can take the same power as the full-time self-employed. You can develop a business on the side to supplement your current income or sustain you through times of unemployment. You can develop something that gives you skills and a reputation within and outside your organization that can lead to better and more secure employment.

You can start your own blog or website. And it's never been easier to do so. Here are three great reasons why you should.

Career Skills and Reputation Building

No matter what you're doing now, having in-demand skills like blogging and website development -- even if you don't do your own coding -- can be an asset.

As an example, in an early job I had (before the advent of desktop computers), simply because I was a touch-typist, I was tapped to learn to be a keypunch operator. Later I was selected for a research gig just because I already knew how to prepare punched cards for using computers.

In addition to some simple tech skills, you'll be developing other hot career skills like communications, publicity and marketing. And, right there on your blog or site, is the proof that you have those skills.

If you do a good job on your site and/or blog, you'll get well-known in your field. That means your current employer may take favorable notice of you and put you on a better career track. And other potential employers may notice you and offer you better opportunities.

A Bit of Profit, A Lot of Creativity

Let's face it, salaried employment doesn't always provide enough money to care for our needs and wants. Developing a website or blog can add a bit to the inadequate paycheck. Even if you are paid well, you can always accelerate the process of your investments or paying down your mortgage, or satisfy some other larger financial desire.

You'll also reap the rewards of satisfaction in creating something of your own. Your ideas. Your words. Your design. Whatever. There on the web to share.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get more and varied feedback on your ideas and the work you do. You have a chance to test what will function well and what will sell. Since you have employment income, there are many fewer risks involved. You can let your creativity loose in ways you couldn't if you didn't already have a job. That also means that you may make breakthroughs in your own "side-career" that wouldn't be possible on the job -- and you can bring them back to the job if you want to.

Never Be Unemployed

One of the best reasons to develop a profitable site or blog while you are employed is that it means you can never be unemployed. If you lose your job, you transition seamlessly into "self-employed" blogger or site owner.

Now, a website or blog that you have on the side is may yield enough income. You'll probably need to go looking for another job. The good news is that you won't have a hole in your job history. You'll have a current employer: yourself. It's so much harder to get a job if you are currently unemployed.

If you have trouble finding a job, you can expand your already-successful website. You can -- now that you have the skills and experience -- develop additional blogs and sites to add revenue. You can become completely, permanently self-employed.

A Million More Reasons

Well, actually there probably aren't a million more reasons to start a site or blog while employed. But there are many. You can probably think of a few just from what I've said here.

Since there are a number of free venues for starting sites or blogs, and loads of free advice and information on how to do it, there's no risk in getting started. Try it. You'll like it.


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