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Social Media Marketing Tip -- 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Relationships Online
by Lauren McMullen

The purpose of Social Media Marketing is to develop relationships with people in your target audience by building connections, starting conversation and creating your own community of raving fans who are interested in purchasing your products and services. Because of that fact the most important thing you can do on any of the social networks is engage with your audience.

The social network LinkedIn has been around since 2005 and caters mostly to professional people. They have recently made some changes to their interface to make their site more appealing for interaction and engagement.

The update status area is much more prominent when you go to the edit profile screen and when you add a link to share it automatically shows a thumbnail of that link and even offer an image to share. I recommend that you update your LinkedIn status daily as a part of your overall Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Here are 3 more important tasks you can do on LinkedIn in to increase your visibility and credibility and engage with your connections. They are not immediately obvious but you will find them under the more tab at the top.

LinkedIn Answers - This is an excellent way to get noticed by others and allow other people the opportunity to get to know you better. Go to LinkedIn answers and ask a question. Pick you question careful. It should be something that highlights your area of expertise or it should be actual market research for a project. You can choose to ask the question of everyone or just your connections. I also recommend that you look over the questions and answer at least one per week.

LinkedIn Polls -- LinkedIn polls are just like they sound. You can create a poll with multiple choices answers and ask everyone on LinkedIn or just your connections. This is an amazing way to do market research in your niche pluse get more visibility and increase your credibility.

LinkedIn Reading Lists -- Do you purchase, read and review books from If you don't you should. When you read and review a book in your niche on Amazon it increases your credibility and can also improve your visibility. They even allow you to create a video of your review that you could upload to YouTube. LinkedIn allows you to import your Amazon Reading list. You can also follow the reading lists of thought leaders in your niche that you admire which will connect you to them.

Lauren McMullen may be contacted at

Would you like to learn more ways to use Social Media to market your products and services online? Lauren McMullen is a bestselling author and Relationship Marketing Coach. She helps coaches, speakers, authors, consultants and other solo-entrepreneurs learn how to leverage the power of Social Media to build connections, start conversations and create community online for more sales of their products and services. Visit her website, Easy Social Media Management and sign up to receive her FREE eBook, Easy Social Media Marketing Success.



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