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5 Timestealers You Must Avoid
by Lorraine Pirihi

Gary has a business, employing 7 staff. When he contacted me he was at a point where the stress from his business was so bad, that he would constantly wake up 3 or 4 times a night worried about everything ...his cash flow, staff, lack of clients and the affect all this was having on his personal well-being and family life.

He didn't use a diary, had no way of planning and kept everything 'in his head'.Often his staff were idle because he hadn't spent time training them. That ensured the work didn't get done therefore causing Gary to lose clients. On top of that Gary was a perfectionist, he felt it was easier to do things himself so they would be done 'right'.

Being overweight didn't help either. He was constantly tired and uptight causing him to be moody and also very negative. His family and his staff would avoid him. He was spiralling downhill quickly but luckily he realised before it was too late, that it was time to get help otherwise he could lose his business, his family and even his life!

Step by step and week by week Gary got a grip on his business and his life by making some simple changes. This allowed him to work less hours, increase his profits, have a happier and more productive team and most importantly for him, more time with his family (and they enjoyed spending the time with him too.).

Here's the top 5 timestealers that had originally encompassed Gary's life and what he had to avoid and what you must avoid too...

1. Avoid using a diary and planning your time Gary kept everything in his head. With 50,000 plus thoughts a day running through your brain you must write things down otherwise you'll forget! Waste hours a week by not using a diary to plan your day, your week and your month.

2. Avoid exercise and eating healthy food This will guaranteed that you'll feel tired, take twice as long to get things done and get sick more often.

3. Having no systems and being surrounded by clutter The paperwork is a mess on your desk, the filing is stashed away and you can't easily find what you want. Working in chaos is a surefire way to waste hours a week. According to a survey by 'The Wall Street Journal', the 'average' white collar worker spends 6 weeks a year looking for things. As an entrepreneur and small business owner you are more than 'average'.

4. Email, Telephones and Social Networking Having no set times allocated to answer emails, phones and do your social networking. It's easy to let your time get consumed without you realising it.

5. Doing it all yourself You're so good at bookkeeping, running errands, packing orders, helping clients, cleaning, fixing computers, maintaining your website, communicating with people, writing your own newsletter, updating your database, creating your own brochures, producing products and solving everyone else's problems that there's no time to get anything else done.

The FINAL WORD Avoid these 5 common timewasters and you'll be amazed how much time you'll have to work on improving your business so it runs much more effectively and profitably giving you more time for your life.

Lorraine Pirihi may be contacted at

Lorraine Pirihi is the founder of and creator of “The Productivity and Profit System” the complete one-on-one training program for solopreneurs and small businesses. Lorraine is also the celebrated author of “The Productivity and Profit Home Study System” the proven 6 step system guaranteed to help you free up your time, organise your systems and master your marketing so you are much more profitable and have time to enjoy life. This is available at She's a productivity expert, leading business coach, author and speaker with straight-shooter, no-fluff strategies that really work. Get your COMPLIMENTARY audio CD “How to Boost Your Productivity and Profits and Enjoy More Time Off” VALUED AT $47 for a limited time only. *** Go to



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