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5 Ways to Boost Credibility and Boost Sales
by Nancy Marmolejo

We buy from people we know, like, and trust. So what are the factors behind getting this magic 3 to work in your favor and using it to boost sales?

Start by focusing on your CREDIBILITY.

The Latin root of "credibility" is "credo", meaning "I believe". It's about the truth of you, reflected in your actions and experience, your know-how, and your belief that YES you are an expert!

When you establish a firm base of credibility around your business, then sales come in with ease. People trust you, the key component of a transaction.

Here are 5 tips to boost your credibility so you can enjoy increased sales and more opportunities!

1. Believe in your own expertise.
View your expertise as the gap between what your target market DOESN'T know and what YOU know. They're paying you to fill that gap. Own the fact that you are an expert.

2. Get others to back you up
You can't be the only one to toot your horn. Get testimonials or endorsements to bolster your credibility. 3rd party recommendations have a powerful effect on buyers. Use this to your advantage.

3. Dance in the Blogosphere
Your blog is the cornerstone of your visibility and credibility strategy. Write regularly on your own blog, comment on blogs, and get out there and write for others' blogs. Be consistent with your subject matter and use it to reinforce your expert standing.

4. Don't jump the gun with promotions
A big mistake people will make (especially with social media) is to jump the gun on promotions with people they don't know. Move at a sane pace, don't start pummeling people with promotions after your first introduction. Nothing turns people off (and kills credibility) more than pushiness.

5. Keep the ego in check
Many business owners are reluctant to position themselves around their expertise for fear of becoming egomaniacs. That can happen . . . unless you're actively doing things in your life to stay humble and grounded. Your message is medicine for the world and you were chosen to deliver it. It's a fine balancing act between honoring YOU and the source where your expertise comes from.

Focus on credibility and you'll see a rise in opportunities, clients, and sales. When you operate from this place, your business grows by quantum leaps as your reputation leads the way and serves as a beacon for more great things coming your way.

Nancy Marmolejo may be contacted at

Nancy Marmolejo teaches entrepreneurs how to break the cycle of struggle and mediocrity and emerge as confident, sought after, profitable business owners. Using her signature Profitable Essence™ system, Nancy’s clients learn to connect their authenticity and talents with what will make them the most money. Her approach is a blend of expert strategy, intuitive insights, and high octane creativity. With over 100 media credits to her name and numerous business achievement awards, Nancy is a respected expert with a loyal following from around the globe.



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