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Best Ways To Advance In Your Career: Updating Your Skills And Network

The best way for employees to advance in their careers is to acquire new skills, abilities, and knowledge, and update their current talents, according to a survey of 346 companies conducted by Right Management, the world’s largest outplacement firm.

Other top ways to advance one’s career include: building a career network and continually updating it; volunteering for visibile and challenging opportunities within your organization; and identifying and communicating your career goals with your boss.

According to the results of the survey, the best ways for employees to advance in their careers are:
Acquiring new and updating current skills, abilities, and knowledge    67%
Building and keeping in touch with a career network    64%
Volunteering for challenging and visible opportunities    41%
Identifying and communicating your career goals    34%
Identifying and learning from mentors and role models    32%
Performing your job in an exemplary manner    29%
Projecting a positive professional image    27%
Learning how to learn from experience    21%

“Education no longer ends with just the completion of formal schooling and acquiring degrees,” said Doug Matthews, Executive Vice President, Operations, for Right Management. “Building a skills portfolio and career network is a continuous process. Career development today comprises primarily matching marketable talents to career opportunites, and not necessarily to upward progression on a career ladder, as it did in the past. More seasoned employees, especially, should be focused on acquiring new skills.”

Networking should be a constant part of one’s career. “New networking contacts should be made, and old ones should be nurtured, just as you should continually learn new skills and update your current ones,” added Matthews.

While volunteering for high-profile assignments does increase one’s visibility in the workplace, employees should also enlist to carry out less glamorous assignments, such as civic and charitable endeavors. “Bosses appreciate and take notice of those willing to perform organizational tasks that may be more mundane, but nevertheless have to be done,” said Matthews.

Although many employees are uncomfortable communicating their career goals with their supervisors, they shouldn’t wait until performance appraisal time to make their feelings known. “If career goals cannot be satisifed within an employee’s current department, he or she should be paying close attention to any openings in other parts of their organizations, especially if the new job would be a better fit,” said Matthews. “Leaving the company should be considered an option of last resort.”

About Right Management

Right Management ( is a leading global provider of integrated consulting solutions across the employment lifecycle. Right Management helps clients maximize the return on their human capital investments while assisting individuals to achieve their full potential.

Right Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower, Inc. (NYSE:MAN), a world leader in the employment services industry, creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work.

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