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Review of Aquarius Now
by Marilyn Ferguson
Review by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

If you are a fan of thinking clearly, reasonably and with highly-refined "common sense," you'll be thrilled with this book.  If you value thinking for yourself, personal responsibility and personal freedom and believe in acting in accordance with all of the above, you won't want to miss it.

Aquarius Now
is a wonderfully refreshing, easily readable philosophy book that teaches you how to think about the critical issues that affect your life, your society and your world and then take action on those issues.  Note that I said "how" to think, not "what" to think.  And the "how" involves using good sense.  Ferguson sets out to show you how -- using the good sense you already have -- you can discover that most of your limitations are illusory and that you, personally, have the ability to structure positive, lasting changes in yourself and others.  Those changes can, in their turn make better your immediate work and social environment, your nation and even the planet Earth.  Change is happening, whether you want it or not, says the author.  Choose the kind results you want and make sure the change goes in that direction.  If you think about it the right way, it's entirely in your power.  Assuming, of course, you take action based on that good thinking.  Ferguson makes sure you understand that while you begin with good sense thinking, you continue with good sense action.  Thinking structures action, action structures change.

One of the best features of Aquarius Now is the subtle framework through which Ferguson, chapter by chapter, gradually models the thinking processes she is encouraging, allowing you to experience the unfolding of that processes like a flower opening.  After an overview, Ferguson follows a pattern of presenting basic issues, considerations to make about those issues, the mind tools to use to think about them and anecdotes of how a few good thinkers reason about the issues.   However, she doesn't enumerate points, as might be done in, say, a business self help book.  Rather, she simply discusses her ideas in a logically-flowing manner, an imaginary one-sided conversation with her reader.  As in a computer game with advancement between levels, Ferguson takes you in each chapter to the next level of issues, considerations, thinking tools and models of good thinkers, building on what you discovered in the prior chapter.  Then, at the final level, you discover you are simply at the beginning of another path, one you will take on your own, equipped with shiny new tools and maps.  Ready to design your own levels.

See an excerpt from Aquarius Now. Click Here.

"Minds are like umbrellas, they function best when open." ...Walter Gropius


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