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Your Article Writing Business - Instant Cash on the Web
by Angela Booth

Want to make some instant cash? Write articles - you can turn writing articles into a great home business when you know how. Discover the secrets.

The Secrets of an Article Writing Business - Be Fast and Original

The old saying "content is king" is a lie. Here's the truth: ORIGINAL content is king.

Why is this knowledge important to you?

Because it stops you falling into the whisper trap.

While many people want to turn writing articles into a full time business, and many do, most don't make anywhere near as much money at it as they could, because they fail to understand the importance of wholly original content. They simply repeat in their own articles what they've read on the Web; just like in the whisper game which kids play.

As Web search engines get smarter (Google says it's indexing a trillion documents) originality wins - those sites which provide great, unique content rise to the top in the search engines. And if you can write original articles - based on your own ideas - you'll make instant cash.

So "be original" is one of the secrets of writing articles for instant cash.

The other is - learn to write fast. Writing fast while writing well is a skill anyone can learn.

Here's how to write fast - write what you know, because you've lived it.

Yes, this cuts out a whole swathe of content you could write, but on the other hand, it opens a whole new vista of articles that only you can write, because you have the experience.

Think about what you know from your own life, and base your articles around that. For example, let's say you're a new mom. Bingo! The pregnancy, child care, parenting and educational areas have thousands of niches which you can mine successfully, because you're writing from your own experience.

Whatever life stage you're currently in, you can write articles based on that. Your articles will not only be original (no one else has lived your life and has your insights), you'll also be able to write them fast.

Alternatively, base articles around what you're learning. For example, if you're new to writing articles, you're learning how to do that. You have a perspective that no veteran writer can match - you're new, and you're learning what works for you. So, write about your experiences as a beginner.

You'll be a beginner at many times right throughout your life, so whatever you're learning, you can write about that from your own perspective, as a learner. This is pure gold - no one can explain the concepts of an area as well as a beginner to that area.

So there you have two secrets to writing articles for instant cash - put them into action, and you'll make money online... fast.

Discover more secrets of writing articles and how to make money online in your spare time with Angela Booth's Sell Your Writing Online NOW training Not only will you discover how to write and sell articles, you'll get complete training in how the Web works, so you can take advantage of the unlimited opportunities.

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