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How to Use an Autoresponder as a Valuable Marketing Tool
by Janis Pettit

Lots of small business owners miss out on a highly effective, inexpensive marketing tool because they don't know what an autoresponder is or if they do, they don't know how to use it effectively.

In case you're unsure, an autoresponder is a program that lets you put your e-mail marketing on autopilot. It let's you put a sign up form on your website so visitors can sign up for your e-mail list. You can set up as many mailing lists as you want. You can then e-mail your subscribers when you want, or you can load up a series of e-mails and tell the autoresponder when to send them out to each new subscriber. You can even tell the autoresponder to insert each person's name and it will be done automatically. There is much more you can do, and a decent autoresponder service can cost as little as $10 a month. What an effective, inexpensive marketing tool!

Every time a visitor comes to your website and you have no way to capture their contact information you have potentially lost money and your opportunity to add value to that person's business. Here are 10 ways you can use an autoresponder as a powerful marketing tool.

1. Put an autoresponder sign up form on all the important pages of your website and ask visitors to sign up for your mailing list. This will give you an opportunity to provide them with valuable information that will lead many to see the value in purchasing your products or services. Offer them something of value for free as a sign up incentive.

2. Create a sequence of e-mails that make up a mini e-course that you can load into your autoresponder. Schedule the series in the autoresponder to send the next e-mail in the series every XX number of days. Include links to related products and services.

3. Use your autresponder e-mails to let subscribers know when there's a new interesting post on your blog. This way you drive traffic to your website if your blog is hosted on your website.

4. Use your autoresponder to send subscribers to interesting audios or videos by including the proper link to either. These could be something you've created or something a partner company has created.

5. Use your autoresponder to introduce and get registrations for an upcoming tele-class or course

6. Set up a survey that will help you know which products or services your subscribers need, then use your autoresponder to ask your subscribers to take the survey and provide a link to the survey. You can survey up to 100 people free at

7. E-mail your subscribers to ask for referrals to find employees or joint venture partners.

8. Use your autoresponder to recommend others' valuable programs or products where you are an affiliate and can receive a commission on sales.'

9. Use your autoresponder to deliver sequential lessons to people who have purchased an e-course from you.

10. Use your autoresponder to link subscribers to an audio or video you want them to access.

This is an excellent way to build a valuable relationship with people who need your expertise and services. It is important to provide value, because we're all overwhelmed with information these days, and your subscribers will only read what is of interest to them.

A certain percentage of your subscribers will become loyal fans and paying clients.

Janis Pettit may be contacted at

Janis Pettit is a small business growth and marketing expert, author and veteran entrepreneur. She has coached hundreds of business owners, helping them explode their sales and build a six figure income from their small or solo business. If you want to learn How to Promote and Market Your Small Business Website Online and Sell More Products and Services with Little or No Money go to



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