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Career: 5 Top Tips for Bouncing Back From Losing Your Job
by Duncan Brodie

In the current economy, many organisations have to make tough choices. These tough choices often include reducing the number of people employed. The loss of a job can be devastating for some people but you can bounce back from it. So what are the top tips for bouncing back from losing your job?

Tip 1: Recognise that it is not personal

When we lose our job it is all too easy to take it personally. By that I mean that we start to make up that we were not good enough or valuable enough to the organisation. Chances are that your job loss is nothing to do with these factors but more to be related to you being the most recent person to move into post, a layer of management being removed and maybe even the facility you work in being closed.

Tip 2: Remind yourself of your strengths

We rarely take the time to sit down and recognise all of our strengths. Start by listing all of the skills that you can offer. Then list all of the knowledge that you have gained, including any specialist knowledge. Consider the experience that you have gained. You might discover that you have gained some sort of experience that few others have. Think about the personal qualities that you can offer. List all of your achievements throughout your entire career rather than just focusing on your most recent role.

Tip 3: Create a CV that sells you

It might be tempting to take your current CV and make minor changes. Use this as an opportunity to start with a blank piece of paper and focus on creating a CV that really sells you and what you can offer to your next employer.

Tip 4: Leverage your network

Use your network to find out about appropriate opportunities that might be coming up. This network might include people you have worked with in the past, professional associations that you belong to and even organisations where you have volunteered in the past.

Tip 5: Get into action

Take the time to come to terms what has happened but don't spend weeks or months dwelling on the past. Get into action and start building your future. The past is history and no matter how much you might like to, the history books cannot be re-written.

Bottom Line- Losing your job is without doubt difficult but you get to chose whether you dwell on the past or focus on the future and new opportunities. So what choice will you make?

About the Author

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements Ltd (G&A)helps professionals to develop their management and leadership capability and achieve career success. He invites you to sign up for his free e-course



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