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Tips for Relighting After Burnout: Energizing Self and Others

©2000 Eileen McDargh

The current environment brings additional stress to our homes and offices. You all probably know some of the symptoms. Here are but a few. Check them off and then consider some actions.

Some Burnout Symptoms:

Work leaves you physically and emotionally drained. You feel like you are accomplishing less and doing more. You put your work first but no one appreciates your efforts. You've lost your sense of humor and playfulness. You find yourself short-tempered and angry. You go on vacation but the feeling of overwhelm comes back immediately upon return.

What can you do to gain a sense of control? Consider just some of these options:

Hold certain times sacred. Mark off a period of time for yourself on your calendar and treat it with gold.

Learn to say "no" by creating realistic boundaries. Speak up when you are overwhelmed. Remember, no one but YOU knows what you really do in the course of a day. Establish limits that honor the needs of the people around you while preserving the integrity of what you can honestly do.

Create a workspace that nurtures your soul. Whether it's filled with pictures of the grandkids or flowers from your garden, this space must speak of you.

Exercise to burn off stress.

Allow 15 minutes in the morning just for you. This is quiet time for centering, breathing, preparing for the day. You'll be glad you did.

Remember: you are the captain of your ship. Pay attention to the wind and waves.
Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE, is an international speaker, author and seminar leader. Her book "Work for A Living and Still Be Free to Live" is also the title of one of her most popular and upbeat programs on Work/Life Balance. For more information on Eileen and her presentations, please call 949-496-8640 or visit her web site at

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