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The "Camera-Shy" Guide to Video Marketing
by Jessica Swanson

As you already know, video marketing is a red-hot marketing platform for small business owners on a shoestring marketing budget. As prospects' attention spans shorten, a succinct, interesting video will keep them engaged and absorbed in your marketing message.

But, what if you dislike being in front of the video camera? Does that mean that you can't tap into the power of video marketing? Not at all!

Even if you detest the idea of being a "movie-star," there are still ways to ensure that video marketing works for you and your small business.

One of the simplest ways to reap the rewards of video marketing is to record a screencast. Once completed, your screencast can be used in dozens of places to promote your small business: landing pages, websites, blogs, ezines, video sharing sites, etc.

Here are 7 steps for creating a 3-5 minute screencast that will grab hold of your prospect's attention:

1. Establish a marketing purpose.

Before you sit down and put together your screencast, it's essential that you understand what you are trying to accomplish. Are you interested in driving traffic to your landing page or blog? Do you want to entice the viewer to become part of your list? Or, are you trying to make a sale? You want to have one defining purpose when creating your screencast.

2. Decide on a clear call to action.

At the end of your screencast, it's essential that you ask your viewers to take action. Depending on your marketing purpose, you should invite them to visit your blog, persuade them to become part of your list or direct them to a sales page to make a purchase.

3. Focus on solutions.

The most powerful presentations focus on a particularly challenging problem your prospects' face and then offering specific solutions. For instance, the dog trainer might draw attention to the difficulty of barking dogs and highlight various solutions to that problem. At the end of the presentation, her prospects would be directed to take specific action (download a special report, visit a website for more information or purchase a program).

4. Create a PowerPoint presentation.

Locate PowerPoint slides and create 12-15 slides based on the problem and solutions that you are offering your viewers. The first slide should be a title slide including all your business information and the last slide should be your clear call to action.

5. Download free screen capture software.

Obviously, you'll need software to record your PowerPoint presentation. The good news is that you can download free screen-capture software from Camstudio. In addition, Camstudio has simple tutorials that will teach you how to use their software.

6. Record your presentation.

Once you understand how to use Camstudio, you need to record your presentation. You can talk into a microphone (either the internal microphone on your computer or a purchased microphone) while you progress through your PowerPoint slides. Once you've completed your recording, you should save your presentation as an MP4 file on your hard-drive.

7. Submit your video.

To get as much visibility as possible, submit your video to as many different places as possible. You can place it on your own website, blog, landing page and sales pages. In addition submit it to video sharing sites such as Youtube, Viddler and Google Video.

With the possibility of creating a screencast video, the "camera-shy" small business owner has no more excuses. A screencast can be put together in less than an hour and create massive visibility, generate new leads and ultimately create more business.

Jessica Swanson may be contacted at

Jessica Swanson, “The Shoestring Marketer,” has helped entrepreneurs, all over the world, explode their businesses using cutting-edge, proven and completely free marketing strategies. To download your FREE Marketing Kit, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, learn the exact techniques for marketing their businesses for NO-COST, visit: Shoestring Marketing Kit



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