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Are You A Change Seeker? Make Your Skills Work For You
by Elizabeth Lengyel

In terms of your career, are you always on the move? Do you quickly tire of repetitive tasks and working with the same people day in and day out? Do you jump from profession to profession, industry to industry, and job to job? If so, you are a change seeker.

Let's look at Rob. At 25, he's been working for three years and already had three different careers! In fact, Rob's goal in the next year is to have one job every quarter, building up as much varied work experience as he possibly can. He only has one concern: Will he be able to choose one career and stick to it? Rob knows that to advance and make more money he needs to specialize - in something. How can he specialize when his interests are so varied?

If you're like Rob, you might share the same concern. Often change seekers are fairly good at everything, so they find it hard to select one profession and stick with it. But take heart! Rather than trying to change your natural style, learn to leverage it.

If you're like many career change seekers, your underlying strengths include:

  • A high achievement mindset and orientation
  • High energy and motivation - at least until boredom sets in
  • Willingness to take calculated risks
  • Ability to hit the ground running, even in unknown situations
  • Innate curiosity, continually learning as you go
  • Breadth of knowledge, knowing something about everything
  • A natural enjoyment of continuous learning and growing
  • All of these traits are highly desirable in an employee. You just need to learn to channel them. Here are some work environments you might enjoy:

  • Start-up companies where each day brings new challenges
  • Owning your own business or working for a professional service firm where you're expected to perform as if you're the CEO
  • Project management, where change is the norm
  • Roles in fast-paced, high-impact environments, like the stock exchange, investment dealers, and venture capitalists
  • Global organizations with diverse opportunities that look for employees who thrive on change
  • Remember, as a change seeker you embody highly sought-after strengths. Seek a career, job, and environment that embrace diversity, change, and opportunities for ample growth. By leveraging your natural strengths, style, and business savvy, you'll find a career that's just right for you!

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