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5 Reasons Why Coaching and Mentoring Is So Effective For Developing People
by Duncan Brodie

The Insights Series from The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants identified coaching and mentoring as one of the most effective development methods. So what is it about coaching and mentoring that makes it such a powerful development method? Here are my 5 top reasons.

1. Ongoing

Many traditional approaches to development are one chance events. If you prosper fantastic if not your opportunity is gone. While this type of development activity is excellent for acquiring skills or knowledge, it can be less effective when it comes to working on personal attributes or softer skills.

2. Personalised

Many development activities aim to cover a number of areas in a short time frame. While this is excellent for getting breadth, it can mean that only a small proportion of the time is spent on the areas that matter to you. When working with a coach or mentor you focus on the specific areas that will give you greatest leverage or benefit from your development time. You get to develop your own personalised programme.

3. Focussed

Coaching and mentoring is highly targeted and because it is ongoing you move forward quicker because it is focussed. You don't waste time and effort on areas that you don't need to.

4. Supportive

People who take on the role of coach or mentor are highly supportive. They can be counted on to be behind you encouraging and supporting you as you take action. Knowing that you have the support of someone who believes 100% in you is an amazingly powerful motivator.

5. Accountability

Study after study highlights that having accountability is one of the most important ingredients in achieving results. One study suggested that you have a 95% chance of achieving an objective when you have accountability in place. When you have to self account for what you have or have not achieved, you do more than you would have done otherwise. Your coach or mentor holds you to account for those actions that you have committed to taking in order to get results and move forward.

Clearly all development activity has benefits. Working with a coach or mentor is a powerful tool in your personal development toolkit that you may not be fully utilising. How might you benefit if you did?

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