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Distractions a Problem? Successful Entrepreneur Shares Ten Easy Solutions

by Kendall Summerhawk

"Kendall, how DO you get it all done?"

I hear this question all the time. "What's the big deal?" I asked as I initially shrugged off the question. But over time, I've come to understand that how I run my business is VERY different than how a lot of people run theirs.

So I sat down one day and quickly listed all the little habits, behaviors and strategies I use on a daily basis. When I looked at the list of the small practices, I realized that wrapped together, it WAS a big deal!

The daily actions I was taking for granted were the very things many business owners were overlooking.

As I began to share these habits with my Brand Authenticity business coaching members, they also started seeing powerful results. My success coaching clients found that they were more creative, made more profitable decisions and stayed calmer. By implementing these habits, they now have more energy to focus on achieving their high-payoff goals.

So here are ten easy solutions to avoiding distractions. These strategies gained from years of business coaching experience will keep you focused on your high-payoff activities.

• Every day, make a list of your high-payoff actions, prioritize the list, and then work the list IN ORDER.

• Answer the phone only once or twice a day. (I know this sounds radical, but trust me! Successful entrepreneurs thank me when they see how much they can get done when they ignore the phone.)

• Batch emails and phone calls. (Yes, even from your team.) Batching might well be the ‘Ninth Wonder of the World'! My success coaching team sends me a "batch" (think "grouping of questions" here) only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• Commit to taking ONE marketing action each day.

• Do the big stuff first. (The little stuff will somehow fit in.)

• Make time for YOU first thing in the morning. For me, I take time with my horses. Because this allows me less time to work, it demands that I be more productive during my working hours!

• Don't look at anything that pulls your energy down. (Be ruthless about this!) For example, I choose not to view the "unsubscribe" emails from my website. I avoid anything that is negative. A successful entrepreneur doesn't waste time complaining or whining about things like the dry cleaner, the rude driver or the line at the grocery store. Complaining is a HUGE time waster!

• When there is a problem, focus on a positive solution instead of wasting time churning on how ridiculous or unfair the situation may be. This practice alone has saved me HOURS every week. And it's helped me stay positive, upbeat and happy while I work. Sound silly? Perhaps, but happy people get more done!

• Hire out house cleaning, grocery shopping and errands. This costs very little (you can hire a high school student or retired person.) The hours and energy that you save can be used to focus on the things you love and the activities that make you money.

• Set bold, outrageous income goals. Creating a ‘Bold Money Goal' will shift your focus from what is demanding your attention to that which really pays off. As a success coach, I have seen many clients change their lives by implementing this practice.

Well, the business coach in me asks for one commitment from you: pick one solution from the list and implement it immediately. Then, next week, choose a new item. In as little as ten weeks you will set new habits that keep you focused on achieving your vision of a "money-AND-soul" based business. You are now on your way to becoming a more successful entrepreneur!

Kendall Summerhawk may be contacted at

Award winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the "Horse Whisperer for Business." Kendall delivers simple ways entrepreneurs can brand, package and price their services to quickly move away from "dollars-for-hours work" and create more money, time, and freedom in their businesses. For free articles, free resources and to sign up for her free audio mini-seminar "7 Quick and Simple Tips to Brand, Package and Price Your Services for More Money, Time and Freedom in Your Business" visit


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