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Don't Let Yourself Go
by Kent Jacobson

Have you read a book or participated in a physical activity lately? I had no idea how soft I was getting mentally and physically. Stop and look at yourself. You see what I'm talking about but do not want to believe what you see. I am right on point concerning this matter for most of us. Think about it and be honest with yourself. I want you to stop here and take a minute to assess you mental and physical state on a scale of 1 to 10. Time’s up, anything less than an honest 5 and you need to make a mental note to yourself as I have done. My mental note was simply to remind myself as I get older do not stop challenging the mind and keep the body physically active. For those of you who are physically and mentally fit, you may opt out at this point or possibly learn something, even feel free to move on to another article or just stick around.

What I mean by soft is the lack of mental or physical endurance I used to have is just not there. I'm not talking about running a 5K race or studying for your CPA exam, just an improvement in the frequency of engagement in a mentally and physically challenging activity. This will require a few basic preparation steps, because you are the only one that can change your current behavior that allowed the softness to prevail.

You have already started by simply getting this far in the article; next step is to break down your day and select times for simple mental and physical activity. I started on the mental part first by creating a brainstormed list of subject matter I wanted to read about or research. The brainstorm list for mental activity was all over the place and included improving my Internet business skills, professional education, learn a new language, mystery and science fiction books, and self-improvement websites and on-line forums. My commitment was to read for at least 15 minutes each day on one of the chosen items on my list. I found at the beginning I read books of interest such as Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith and Sahara by Clive Cussler. After a while, 15 minutes was nothing, and I actually found my vocabulary was growing. Another part of the reading effort was to write down words I did not understand or know the meaning of. I kept these in a notebook that I regularly refer to and make myself find out the definition. Usually I have the word and book it was from referenced--not always for some people; this may be a little much. Here is my latest word: Turgid.

I have been in the mental activity groove regularly for 5 months now and can definitely tell a difference in my mental sharpness and attention span, not to mention I am actually learning new words and using them.

Onto physical activity…this will be up to you to get out of the chair, off the couch and computer. Get outside and do something besides trim and mow the lawn. You know your physical limitations, and I do not want to attempt to promote something beyond your capabilities. Just some level of physical activity engagement. There are chair aerobics, go for a walk, ride a bike, go visit a neighbor, play basketball with the kids or even join the local health club. Again, brainstorm and create a list of physical activities you can perform, start slow, check with your doctor and begin. I started last week by committing to a local health club three times a week to do treadmill and machine resistance work. One week in and I'm on my third trip to the gym. Guess what, I'm actually looking forward to going; soon you will also.

Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. "Mr. Success" is a trusted authority in the success field and provides valuable success information for free through his website at: . You can also read Kent's Success Blog to find more success secrets at:

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