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Editorial Guidelines For Articles Submitted To Related Resources

Editorial Guidelines For Articles Submitted To

An article:

• Should be an original article that you wrote. If you are a submitting service, please submit the article as if it was from the original author including his or her email address and name.

• Should be related to the themes, products or services of the website linked in the author information box.

• Should not be from the public domain or purchased (e.g. as part of an article pack or from a ghost writer.) You must own the copyright, whether registered or not. (Or your client must own the copyright, if you are a submitting service.)

• Should not contain affiliate program links.

• Should not be an advertorial or other kind of sales or promotional copy, or obviously a self, book, product or website promotion.

• Should contain an information box with no more than two short descriptive paragraphs and no more than two active website links and one mailto link.

• Should not have active links within the body of the article.

• Should be in proper English, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

• May not contain intolerance for any ethnic, religious or cultural group.

• May not defame or insult any individual.

• May not contain unlawful content.

• May not libel another person or orgainzation.

• May not in any way abridge the legal rights of others.

• Should not be sent with the requirement to publish your photograph.







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