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How to Market on Facebook In 15 Minutes Each Day
by Jessica Swanson

Marketing your business on Facebook is a wonderful way to find new clients, business partners and customers. In fact, there are thousands of professionals who are members of Facebook just waiting to do business with you.

Of course, you want to make sure that you are not on Facebook to sell yourself and your services, but instead to offer helpful and valuable information and advice to your new community of friends.

The main problem that most small business owners face is that Facebook marketing can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to manage. Many log into their Facebook accounts and, hours later, still feel that they haven't accomplished very much. They are not sure where to focus their energies and efforts when using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Here are the seven areas that you should focus on every day when marketing using Facebook:

1) Make Friend Requests (5 minutes)

When you first begin on Facebook, you will need to begin making friend requests in order to build your network. The easiest way to accomplish this is to join groups that fit nicely with your business industry. (i.e. If you are a realtor, then join a realtor's group; if you own a dog training service, then join a dog-lovers group).

Once you have joined a few groups, begin sending out friend requests to the members of the group. You will want to attach a short note introducing yourself and explaining why you are contacting them. In addition, Facebook policy only allows you to send out ten new friend requests per day. So, if you want to keep yourself withing the good graces of Facebook, then stick to this rule.

2) Accept Friend Requests (2 minutes)

Once you have been using Facebook actively for a couple of weeks, you will start receiving friend requests yourself. Take a couple of minutes to look through your requests and decide if you would like to accept them as a friend or not. You shouldn't spend a lot of time debating who to approve. My general rule of thumb is that if they have a professional profile picture, sent a personal message and we have a few friends in common, I will generally accept their friend request.

3) Check and Answer Your Emails and Applications (5 minutes)

You will receive emails from your friends for a variety of reasons. Some will contact you thanking you for your friendship. Others will send you an invitation to join their group. Still others will send you a "sales pitch" to join their business. (Which, as a savvy marketer, you will never do!)

Take the time to answer the appropriate emails in one or two sentences and then wrap-up with a question in order to continue the relationship with your new friend. In addition, sift through all of your applications (Christmas tree ornaments, snowmen requests, etc). To make better use of your time, you should delete most of these applications. Remember, if the application is not building your business, it's not worth your effort.

4) Update Your Status (3 minutes)

Every FaceBook user is able to "update their status" as often as they would like. The best part is that whenever you update your status, you have a personal FaceBook "newsfeed" that will broadcast your update to all of your friends.

Make sure to mix your status updates with professional material (blog posts, twitter posts, articles, etc) and appropriate personal information. Of course, stay away from direct selling and advertising.

5) Write on Your Friends' Walls (2 minutes)

Remember, it's important to develop relationships with your friends within your FaceBook community. You should take the time to visit some of your friends and write messages on their walls. You can simply make a comment, ask a question or wish them a great day.

6) Make Comments On Your Friends' Status Updates (3 minutes)

Quickly scan through your friends' status updates. When you see anything that peaks your interest, make a comment or give them a "thumbs up." Your friends will love the idea that you took the time to comment on their status updates.

Facebook can be a very powerful place to market yourself and your business. However, remember that in order to be successful you will need to offer value, ask questions, and develop relationships with your Facebook friends.

Jessica Swanson may be contacted at

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