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Everything I Learned in Business I Learned From High School Flirting
by Nancy Marmolejo

Back in high school, I learned some of my best business and life lessons. (I didn't know they were lessons at the time, but now I cherish them.)

My friend Sofia was one of the greatest marketing geniuses I've ever met. Her domain: the teenage dating game. Sofia was not only an expert flirt, but an artistic strategist for being in the right place at the right time.

Like a field general, Sofia first identified the target, aka the guy she wanted to get to know better. She sent out scouts to find out vital information:

1. Where was his locker?
2. Which stairwell did he use between each class period?
3. Where did he park his car/lock his bike/ catch the bus?
4. Who was his last girlfriend and why did they break up?
5. What clubs or extra-cirruculars is he into?

And most importantly...

6. Who else likes him?

After getting her information gathered, Sofia then set about to be more VISIBLE.

* She conveniently befriended people whose lockers were near his. During her more aggressive campaigns, she'd even negotiate a locker share with his neighbors.

* She changed her path from class to class, making sure they could easily bump into each other.

* She hung out wherever his mode of transport was parked, or even started taking his bus.

* She uncovered the reasons that broke up his last relationship and made notes.

* She joined new clubs, tried new sports, all in the name of personal development. (She excelled at all of these).

* And then she found out who else liked him and kept a steady eye on her competition.

And guess what? Sofia always got her guy.

If you're rolling your eyes by now, wondering what ever happened to feminism, take a second look at her strategies.


She made herself VISIBLE to her target market, popping up everywhere she could.

She didn't rely on ONE STRATEGY to win the guy, she reinforced her visibility with MULTIPLE STRATEGIES.

And most importantly, she followed her strengths.


Getting noticed by your core audience is what business is all about. If they don't know you exist, then how will anyone know to hire you?

Take tips from Sofia and start showing up where your prospects and clients are. Don't limit yourself to what you already know- get out there and try some new arenas such as social networking.

Pop up where they are and look like you've always been there. Be comfortable, be authentic, and watch your business relationships grow.

Just like Sofia always got her man, you can get your best clients by being more visible.

Visibility brings credibility. Credibility brings more business.

With a personalized strategy, you can make it all happen.

Nancy Marmolejo may be contacted at

Nancy Marmolejo simplifies social media for entrepreneurs so they can attract opportunities and build loyal customer fan bases. Nancy’s advice has been shared in over 100 media outlets as well as on her popular blog. Download her free resources by visiting



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