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Changing Careers With A Little Help From Your Friends
by Annemarie Segaric

When you're stuck in a job you're not happy with, it's only natural to complain to the people you're closest to.

Believe me. I did it.


I would constantly threaten to quit my job, complain about how miserable I was, and lament over how awful things were and what few options I had. Now I realize it wasn't really that bad but at the time it felt pretty awful. I was lost.

Eventually, I figured out that there was a better way to make progress on my transition with the help of those nearest and dearest to me without using the "woe is me" approach.

Have you ever thought about how you can rely on your friends and family in a productive way? Here are three ways to make it easy for your friends and family to help you change careers.

1. Decide on one to three things you actually need help with. It is in our nature to want to help people--especially since it makes us feel good about ourselves. That being said, since we're all strapped for time and short on attention, you have to make it easy for others to help you. Make it easy by jotting down a few specific items you are looking for. Some examples are: the names/contact info of people in a particular field, suggested resources for updating a resume/writing a cover letter, or requests for coffee dates to discuss their jobs and ask questions.

2. Watch your mouth. This one is really for your benefit. What you say is a reflection of what is going on in your head and therefore what you are focused on. The more you focus on what is wrong with your current job than on what you're working on, the more stuck you will be. Start talking with friends and family about what you are doing, even mentioning the smallest of steps, to help yourself make the move you want to make. They will then start offering helpful ideas to match!

3. Make some new friends. Because friends and family care so much about you they will often have a vested interest in what changes you do or do not make. Try out some of your career ideas and questions on others who are a little more removed--alumni from your school, past colleagues, a mentor, a career coach like me, or other career changers like yourself (by the way, you can find them online, at off-line networking meetings, or by asking around). The point is you want a new career. Your friends and family want you to be happy. When you get yourself out of your head and into action you make it easy for those around you to do the same and help you out!

For more ideas on how connecting with others will jumpstart your career change, check out 107 Tips for Changing Your Career While Still Paying the Bills

2007 Segaric Coaching Inc. Annemarie Segaric is a respected career change coach, motivational speaker, and the author of the ebook, 107 Tips for Changing Your Career While Still Paying the Bills. Ready to switch careers and don't know where to begin? Visit and download your own career change toolkit today.


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