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Small Business + Global Resources = Growth
by Maggie Anderson "Words That Work"

Think you are too small to be an international company? Not so!

Be small and quick, Think big, go global

One big challenge for small businesses is not thinking small. When Groupon came across my radar a year or so ago I thought it was a cute idea and signed up. Every day an offer appears in my inbox for a spa service, restaurant, etc. and the prices are great! So when I heard that Google offered $5.3 Billion (yes, with a B!) for the two year old company it was a big shout -- Groupon, now in 200 cities and 29 countries, with their silly copy and cute cat on every missive obviously was small, quick and thinking big. So should you.

www.leverage new resources

I recently published a product that I've been working on for over a year. Without the global resources I had available it would never have been done. I self-published the book on-line and the result was great-looking and totally professional. A brilliant Virtual Assistant in Nova Scotia created new Twitter and Facebook pages for the product with the new branding -- I would never have found time to do it myself and she knew exactly what to do so efficiently! Two audio experts worked with me to edit and finalize the inspiring expert interviews for the Website -- one is in New Zealand, and the other worked out of his studio in Peru! The book cover and new Website for the product were done by a small but brilliant firm in my home town, which also has teams in Colombia, South America and India. Their process is incredibly efficient. You can finalize content, for example, before 5 pm here. The team in India goes to work on it overnight, and you receive changes in the morning.

Invitations went out through LinkedIn, Facebook and email marketing to the launch party and 60 people came to celebrate with us! This is only the start of a long list of resources I would never have imagined when I started in business, which are available now. In spite of everything that has been difficult for small companies this past two years, I don't know if there has ever been a time when you could easily access so many resources that make possible the freedom and flexibility of being in business for yourself!

Where to find your "team"

How to find the right resources for you? Ask colleagues you trust, or bring it up as a conversation-starter at a networking function. Don't bother to ask competitors for their ideas, by the way. They are likely to give you their second best. Join groups in your profession on LinkedIn and ask what resources others use. Try a service like or where you can post your project and receive bids for the work. Research the bidders carefully, though, checking out their work samples, experience with your type of project and testimonials. Feel free to ask questions before awarding the bid, and expect to strike out a few times and waste some money this way, but the good resources you do find make it well worth it!

Go here to learn more about the new product: Do You Stand Out Enough? is a step-by-step compact marketing kit for entrepreneurs with expert audio from some really great small business marketers: Elizabeth Gordon, author of The Chic Entrepreneur; Laura Howard West, founder of the Center for Joyful Business; and Steven Winokur, President of Turning Point Strategies, with more to come. In addition to the audio, the kit includes a book, workbook, templates, resources and teleclasses you can participate in live or listen to a recording at a more convenient time later.

Maggie Anderson Words That Work may be contacted at

Maggie Anderson Words That Work provides simple, step-by-step programs for consultant and coach marketing and executive presence. A coach and marketing communications expert, Maggie works with clients on effective strategies to stand out so they attract more opportunities and ideal prospects using social media strategies, speechwriting and presentations, and other communication tools.



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