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The Profits Are NOT In the Numbers: How to Go Micro With Social Media
by Nancy Marmolejo

Forget about being the biggest dog on Twitter, and no need to keep approving anyone and everyone who wants to friend you on Facebook.

If you're one who has followed that line of advice, you're probably staring down a whole bunch of strangers who leave an endless stream of meaningless spam in your inbox.

Take my advice and ignore the numbers. Instead focus on what really counts this year: GOING MICRO.

Naturally you still need a network, so don't misconstrue this as an open invitation to have a network of 3.

But far too many entrepreneurs are missing out on great opportunities simply because they're still trying to win the popularity contest.

I want you to love your business. I want you to love the way Twitter and Facebook feed your bottom line. But I don't want you to be putting your valuable time and effort in the wrong place.

This is my advice if you want to keep enjoying social media and profit from your connections. Remember: it's not about the person with the most friends, it's really about who's connecting with the valueable (read: profitable) connections.

1. Focus on Your Top 20 percent

The 80/20 rule lives. Look at your social networks as a TV reality show where contestants are vying for a spot in the top 20 percent. If not, vote them off the show. Focus on building strong relationships and win-win situations for your top 20 percent.

2. Stick with Know, Like, and Trust

Authenticity is still valuable in business. Be your best self out there: provide great information, always work on your credibility, and gain the trust of those who know you.

3. Rework Your Offers

With a smaller, more concentrated network you can actually spend your time connecting to prospects and opportunities... instead of sending Tweet after Tweet for a free call that may or may not convert into clients.

Create strong offers at various price points that make it easy for people to say YES. And if you're cultivating a referral network, be sure to make it easy for your network to send business to you!

4. Repeat 1-3

"Keep it Simple" is a great motto to guide your efforts in a fast moving, complicated world. Social media started off simple and easy, then it got incredibly confusing and complicated with so many sites competing for your attention. These 3 steps will help you focus on what counts.

Now, it's your turn to decide who you want to be and how you want to use social media to grow your business.

Option 1: Super Popular but Financially Shaky

Option 2: Focused and Financially Sound

You can make wise choices. Simply return to a mindset of quality and simplicity in social media and watch your time free up and your profits increase.

Nancy Marmolejo teaches heart based entrepreneurs how to turn their visibility into profitability through online marketing, social media, and more. An expert in creating buzz and generating publicity, Nancy knows how to turn the visibility into profitability with her proven methods. Get more information by visiting Nancy's blog,



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