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Don't Goof! How to Choose the Right Information Product
by Kendall Summerhawk
By now you know that there's only one way to instantly re-launch yourself as an expert and that's to create an information product. But when you look at the wide range of formats to choose from it can be overwhelming!

There are printed books, ebooks, CD's, workbooks, video/DVD, online only, software, games, special reports, card name it!

I've studied them all (and produced products myself in several different formats) and have a clear winner when it comes to:

a) Sellability -- How easy is this format to get into the hands of buyers?
b) Value -- How can you maximize what you charge for your information product?
c) Credibility -- What format is seen as most credible in the eyes of your market?

And the winner is (drum roll please!)...CDs and workbook combination.

Packaging your audio into a shippable combination of CDs and a printed workbook is by far the easiest product to sell, has a very high perceived value, and enjoys nearly all the same credibility as a printed book.

The difference between a printed book and an information product in terms of revenue (that's cash in the door to you) are night and day.

For example: Most books sell for between $14 and $29 dollars. Between printing and shipping costs there isn't much opportunity to make much money unless you sell tons of books.

But package that same information in an CD and workbook home study course and you now have a product you can sell for between $47 - $397 (or even much more). The duplication costs are minor compared to what you're getting for your product, giving you a nice, healthy cash flow with each and every sale.

Plus, you can always offer instant access to your recordings and workbook--via audio mp3 and downloadable pdf files--to your new customer while they're waiting for the real product to arrive in the mail.

And, with a tangible product, you have something to sell at events, trade shows, and when speaking.

Sure, there is a bit more involved with creating a shippable product versus a strictly online version, but once you get your production setup (ordering your packaging, getting your cover designed, printing, and putting everything together) you're in business. Better yet, hire a fulfillment company (like I do) to take care of all this for you!

Nearly all of the work is in creating the content (I'll share tips on how to make that easier in upcoming articles) so why not go the extra quarter of a mile, make your product tangible, and complete your project with something you can sell for far more than an eproduct will ever bring in?!

Kendall SummerHawk, the "Horse Whisperer for Business" delivers smart, savvy ways entrepreneurs can turn their hectic business into a smooth-running, fun, 6-figure money-making dream. To learn more about her book, Brilliance Unbridled, and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at

Kendall Summerhawk may be contacted at

Million Dollar Marketing Coach Kendall SummerHawk is an expert at helping women entrepreneurs, at all levels, design businesses they love and charge what they're worth and get it. Kendall delivers simple ways entrepreneurs can design and price their services to quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in their business. For free articles, resources, and your free audio course "7 Simple Steps to Create Your Multiple Streams of Income "Money and Soul" Business" visit



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