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Got Competition? No Worries--Just Follow These Coaching Tips
by Nancy Marmolejo

Recenlty On a Q and A call with my clients, someone posed this question:

I have determined my unique gifts in my training seminars. However, I don't see much difference between the transformation that will happen for the seminar participants when I give the training versus when they hire my competition. How do I handle this challenge?

Wowie. This was such a great question and it ended up being a teachable, coachable moment for everyone on the call.

I hear this question phrased in so many ways.

"There are so many social media consultants, what can I possibly offer that others aren't already doing?"

"I can name 10 other people who do exactly what I do. Why would anyone hire me?"

"So and So totally copied my idea for a teleseminar. I'm so pissed, she's stealing my niche!"

And on and on and on.

Standing out from the competition is what gets you noticed, remembered, and keeps you relevant. But if you let these thoughts linger of being behind your competitors, you'll miss your true gifts.

Here are some coaching tips to help you drop the fear, stand out from the crowd, and really be the one people remember.

1. Focus on results.

Look at the results people get when working with you. Are things accomplished faster, easier, deeper? How have you helped them clear the fog and achieve? Now make sure you can confidently communicate that to others.

2. Get Into People's Heads

You have to understand how people felt while they achieved results with you. This is soooo important and actually was a key factor when I coached my client on the Q and A call. (The person who was afraid her training wasn't standing out from her competitors). With her, we discovered something vitally important: unlike her competition, her clients left her trainings feeling emotionally validated, charged up, and able to resonate with the message. That is a HUGE differentiation. Her competition left everyone feeling like they'd been backhanded.

3. Get it Out There

Yes, we all want results but how we get from A to Z with clients is what they'll remember. What's the emotional imprint you leave on people? Are you a drill sergeant or a horse whisperer? Super Nanny or Super Freak? Communicate your style in words, images, and in your marketing. And please, don't try to be someone or something you're not. I've seen people create fun and wacky brands, then in person you find out they're dry and boring. That's not congruent. Be you. Love you.

When you're able to focus on results, know the emotional imprint you leave, and confidently be authentic, then there's no chance for fear of competition to set in. Your business will feel different, you'll feel different, and you'll understand why YOU are unique, amazing, and incomparable at what you do.

Nancy Marmolejo may be contacted at

Nancy Marmolejo teaches entrepreneurs how to break the cycle of struggle and mediocrity and emerge as confident, sought after, profitable business owners. Using her signature Profitable Essence™ system, Nancy’s clients learn to connect their authenticity and talents with what will make them the most money. Her approach is a blend of expert strategy, intuitive insights, and high octane creativity. With over 100 media credits to her name and numerous business achievement awards, Nancy is a respected expert with a loyal following from around the globe.



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