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The Top Government Resources For Employment
by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

I'm constantly confronted by the amazing fact that some of our best sources of employment information and advice are disregarded by so many people. In tough times, these public assets are especially a boon for the jobless and the underemployed.

There are three great online sources that will help you get jobs and develop your career. They include CareerOneStop, Department of Labor, and your state government's website. They provide information for creating resumes, finding jobs, getting training, and much more.

The U.S. Department of Labor and The Occupational Outlook Handbook

Other than it's CareerOneStop program, outlined below, the Department of Labor's most useful resource is the treasure trove known as the Occupational Outlook Handbook from it's Bureau of Labor Statistics. In it you can find out about the training/education required, earnings in, growth of and type of work/duties in many hundreds of jobs or career paths.

The online book is divided into categories such as service, sales, management and professional. It shows the prospects for work in private enterprise, government civil service and military.


The Department of Labor sponsors CareerOneStop, a source of many more resources.

There you'll be able to: find advice getting, keeping and advancing in jobs, get more detailed information on employments trends, do job searches, get advice on resumes and interviewing and compare the attractions of various occupations.

You'll also find -- perhaps most helpful of all -- extensive information on education and training, skills asssessment, credentialing, licensing and financial aid for education and training

Your State Government's Website

Your state government also has employment websites to inform and help you with similar information to the DOL and the CareerOneStop. However, the resources are more pointed and related to your local interests.

At your state's employment website, you can find out about what jobs are available in your immediate area in both private enterprise and state civil service. For example, that would include jobs in school districts such as teaching, driving school buses, being part of a school's administration or it's maintenance crew.

More than simply giving you information and ideas, your state and local government can give you immediate, real-work pointers to actual jobs and help you apply for them.

Get started right away - these are online sources, so you don't need to wait to go somewhere and apply in person. Indeed, at your state's website, you may be able to apply for jobs, training and unemployment benefits all at the same time.

C.S. Clarke, Ph.D. is a psychologist/coach who publishes Human Performance and Achievement Resources, providing a wide range of content and tools for improving human performance and productivity. Dr. Clarke also publishes, a website on positive psychology, positive thinking and everyday happiness. Superperformance ® is a trademark.



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