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Health and Fitness for Human Performance
by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

Health and fitness are essential to high levels of human performance, regardless of the kind of performance involved. It is easy to see the connection in sports or dance or some other primarily physical performance. But it is also true for all kinds of work, for education and training, for stress management, for enjoyable lifestyle and for relationships.

In the workplace, reducing employee illness or injury has a direct affect on an employer’s cost of health care, disability, worker’s compensation. Health and fitness also reduce absenteeism, raise productivity, and increase employee safety practices and morale. All of which is why so many companies have instituted employee wellness programs.

However, regardless of whether or not your employer has such a program, as an employee you can make yourself more valuable by starting or maintaining your own program of health and fitness. You'll be more energized, have a more positive attitude, perform better, produce more...and all of that will not only make you feel better, it will impress your employer that you are someone they want to keep -- or promote.

Students who are healthy and fit have better attendance and are more attentive, participative and productive in class. They perform better and get better grades. They understand and remember better and enjoy their classes more. (Think about it -- did you ever try taking a test while suffering from a bad cold or 'flu?)

Healthy, fit people are less susceptible to depression or anxiety. In fact, one of the first things psychotherapists tell their patients who are depressed is that they must become more physically active -- in enjoyable ways.

In fact, healthy and fit people are less likely to have any of the emotional issues that interfere with an enjoyable lifestyle and with relationships. They are less shy, have higher self-esteem, have more positive attitudes, are more assertive (but not aggressive), are more self-confident, feel greater contentment with life and are better problem-solvers. As a result, they are also the kind of people other people want to be around and who can enjoy other people, so they have better relationships.

Of course, one of the reasons that healthy and fit people have all of those advantages is that their commitment to their physical self-development generalizes to an over-all attitude of commitment of a "healthy self."

If you want to be a high performance person, add health and fitness to your self-development plan.


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