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Hire Happiness - It's The Key To A Productive Workforce
by Rob McKay

In his book, "Hiring Now", Steve Lauer explains the prerequisite for hiring the right person first time starts from within - it's about happiness. I'd never given this much though and it does sound a bit "airy fairy", but when you look at successful organisations with low turnover, he is bang-on.

The most powerful and basic of all elements necessary to attract and keep people is happiness. Employees who are happy in their job will work hard and stay longer.

Employees are happier in a workplace run by managers who enjoy themselves, their work, and their employees. On the other hand, managers who are unhappy with themselves and their work inevitably cause their employees to be equally unhappy.

The French physician, Dr Christian Almayrac developed four simple principles of happiness. Follow them to be happy and create a happy workplace - and workforce.

Step one. The law of happiness. Your enjoyment of your work is the most important thing for you and for all those around you. Why the hell would you persist on working 8 unhappy hours a day!

Step two. The law of linkage. You enjoy your work when you enjoy the thoughts you are thinking, and the stories that you are telling you employees right now. Always be positive, it creates happiness!

Step three. The law of spontaneity. Whenever necessary, ask yourself, "Am I enjoying this thought about my work? If the answer is not an immediate or spontaneous yes, then it is a clear no." Time to get out or get happy!

Step four. The law of Joyous action. If you're not enjoying your thoughts about work, either choose to enjoy that thought or drop that thought and choose an enjoyable one.

Who's happy and why?

Take a quick glance around at your work force; are they happy people, if not, why not? Are you a grumpy person? It may not be the fault of your work environment, or your management style, but simply, you hire an unhappy person.

Unfortunately, unhappy people tend to be contagious and enjoy spreading the "unhappy germ" to fellow workers. It is very easy to assess happiness before you hire. All of our personality assessments can evaluate the core personality traits of happiness. Social psychologist David G. Myers isolated four primary traits of a happy person:

1. Self-esteem. Happy people like themselves. When you think thoughts about yourself that you don't enjoy, you're lowering your self-esteem. To raise it, think enjoyable thoughts.

2. Personal control. Healthy people believe they control their own destinies. As you learn to control your thoughts you feel that you are in control of your destiny.

3. Optimism. Happy people are filled with hope. When you are in despair, you are thinking thoughts that you don't enjoy.

4. Extroversion. There are, no doubt, effective, efficient introverted managers. But most effective managers are outgoing and expressive.

Remember that catchy song from the Eighties by Bobby McFerrin -- May be we could start the workday off by piping this through the PA -- "Don't worry, be happy!"

If you want to learn more about selecting the right (happy) person first time, checkout Or visit Rob's website -- AssessSystems Aust/NZ Ltd at

Rob McKay MA(Hons) is an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist and Director of AssessSystems Aust/NZ Ltd. He specialises in employee assessment for selection and development and has over 30 years of practical hands on business experience.

Rob McKay may be contacted at or


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