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Book Review: Ignited Related Resources

Managers! Light Up Your Company and Career for
More Power, More Purpose and More Success

by Vince Thompson
Review by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

Ignited is a treasure chest overfilled and brimming with insights, tips, techniques, motivations, and inspiration for the people who are the backbone of organizations-- middle managers.

Ignited is an eminently practical book that lends itself to immediate use from word one. I recommend when you sit down to read the book that you have a highlighter pen, a number of bookmarks and some note paper-- this may not be formatted as a workbook, but you'll end up treating it as one and applying its advice as you progress through it.

The author, Vince Thompson, has many years in management and so writes from personal experience as well as education and research. His analyses, explanations, and suggestions all give you a sense of his having "been there" and confidence in his advice.

Thompson gives you a solid grounding in all the essentials of managing both up and down the organization and then shows how to leverage those essentials into formidable skills that ignite your management style, your organization, and your career. The essentials include understanding and applying the principles of networks and networking, team-building, access-gaining, self empowerment and leadership-- all from an uncommon perspective. He helps you learn to become a key (and highly effective) manager by harnessing the power of knowledge of organizational processes (what is done, when, why, how, and by whom) and people in or related to the organization (who does what, knows what, has what connections, has what power, etc.). He tells you why. He tells you exactly how. And, he provides clear and interesting examples and anecdotes to illustrate his points.

His own enthusiasm and excitement, paired with his knowledge-packed narrative, will ignite you.

In addition to the wealth of material provided in his book, Vince Thompson has established a related website with even more resources. Go to


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