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Your Image Can Affect Your Success
by Lorraine Pirihi

Recently one of my clients was looking to hire a financial controller for her business. Out of all the people who applied, the most suitable person was John.

John had most of the attributes Jenny was looking for. Using our tip sheet Hiring the Right People as a guide, it was easy for her to narrow down her shortlist of applicants.

Unfortunately there was one negative aspect about John… his appearance. Although he was dressed in suitable business attire, he was extremely overweight. This bothered Jenny for two reasons. She thought someone in that situation would be more prone to illness and secondly, if he didn’t take care of himself personally, what would he be like looking after her business financials?

He had everything else in his favour except for this very important issue. You see, as a small business owner with limited resources, Jenny couldn’t take the risk as the odds were high that being as overweight as he was, he was bound to have health issues which would affect his productivity.

Do You Dress For Success?

Being an avid networker, I get to meet many people and am constantly astounded by the way the majority present themselves.

I met a ''coach' who raved about how successful she was and what she does for her clients. This person was at least 10kgs overweight, her chest was exposed and her clothes were very inappropriate for a business environment. If you were looking for a coach, would you consider investing in her services? She obviously had her own issues to deal with. What she said didn't match how she looked.

The accountant who called himself a 'wealth strategist'…he had a beard, looked very unhealthy and was wearing a tweed jacket….what impression did he make? None. He appeared scruffy and obviously didn't take care of himself. How could he take care of other people's affairs?

In contrast to these people, the mortgage broker who was dressed extremely well in a tailored suit, who obviously took pride in her appearance and looked confident and competent. If you were interested in borrowing money would you consider utilising her services? Of course you would. She gave the impression that she knows what she's doing. By the way, whether she is competent or not you'll only find that out if you do business with her. However, if she cares about herself, chances are she cares about her clients and provides a good service.

Perception is Reality

Would you prefer to do business with someone who looks confident and credible? Whether we like it or not people will pass judgement on you within a few seconds of meeting you. They will make assumptions about you personally and your organisation.

We've all seen or know of people like this. Perhaps it's you and you don't even realise it!

Image in the Workplace

It's a serious business. Image Coaches are being hired by organisations to teach their people how to present themselves in the best possible way. How are you and your people perceived by your clients, prospects and suppliers?

Your personal image can be either positive or negative. It can accelerate your success or hinder it.

How to Transform Your Image

If you seriously want to enhance the results in your life, consider seeing an image coach.

Some of the results achieved can be astounding. One of my clients, an accountant was considered a 'pushover' by her staff and business partner. Because of her quiet nature she wasn't taken seriously. She also dressed in a way that reinforced her lack of confidence.

Since having coaching around her image… looking how to dress in a more flattering way with credibility and power, she is far more confident and has become more assertive and respected. It's also made her look 10 years younger!

The image coach will show you how to present yourself in the best possible way. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you attract people to you like a magnet!

So if you want to attract the right type of people to you in business and in your personal life, then this is definitely one area you should invest in.

The Final Word Looking successful is just as important as being successful. Whether we like it or not, people judge us in a number of ways. To be credible we have to look like we know what we're talking about as well as having the skills and abilities to deliver.

Don't forget… You are your most important asset and you are worth investing in.

Lorraine Pirihi may be contacted at

Lorraine Pirihi is the founder of and creator of “The Productivity and Profit System” the complete one-on-one training program for solopreneurs and small businesses. Lorraine is also the celebrated author of “The Productivity and Profit Home Study System” the proven 6 step system guaranteed to help you free up your time, organise your systems and master your marketing so you are much more profitable and have time to enjoy life. This is available at

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