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Kick Out Clutter and Make Room for More Money
by Debbye Cannon

I spent last week working in Texas and Arizona with two fabulous creative women business owners. Both, although at different business stages, aspire to bigger and better things both business wise and personal lifestyle wise.

Every client I help makes it more and more clear just how seriously clutter clogs up the pipeline of abundance. After all, in a way you already have too much abundance (aka stuff/clutter/over scheduling) to allow ROOM for anything you are seeking to even squeeze in the door.

Just pause a minute, right now-- not tomorrow--not next week, and gaze around you. What are you seeing that is no longer useful in your current life? Especially if you are in transition from another business or life stage to your new dream business and life, it's probably more than you realized.

Do you have shelves of books, maybe even from college days, covered in dust from lack of active use? Are there drawers of papers filed away but never accessed? Do you keep them because you "might need this someday" or because you fear not knowing enough or being good enough in your own right?

Truth is that your brain is so powerful and amazing that it's pretty hard to even comprehend. You probably have learned, internalized and benefited already from the books, magazines and papers you are hoarding. The info you need is mostly already implanted into your brain. You have the ability to use it at will. Anything you may have forgotten is because you don't really need it. On top of that, you can probably replace missing info on line now with more current info than what you are storing.

So, why you may ask do so many brilliant BusinessMoms get so clogged up? Well, for starters creative types have diverse interests. They like to sample, try things, experiment, explore. The creative brain is fast paced often moving from one idea to the next at lightening speed. There is a tendency toward visual and tactile experiences too. It's fun to see and touch and involve the senses. Sound familiar?

Ok, I get it that you like stuff. It is a point. But what can you do to stay creative and not be buried alive in your own brilliance? Here are some step by step points to consider.

1. Create time to "flush". Yep, you heard me. You'll need to consistently clear things out so you can continue to bring in more "new". That means saving time in your life whether it is weekly or quarterly. For example, books and magazines. Wouldn't you rather have CASH than PILES? Wouldn't you rather have time for quality living than a rush-rush schedule? As Confucius say, "Less is more!" Less stuff is more income.

2. Start by setting up a limited amount of space and promising yourself to keep the collection into what will fit into that area. Pick your best, favorite and most currently useful (note those last two words!) and make the others disappear. Just because you spent your valuable money to buy books, courses, magazines and tools doesn't mean they have to live with you forever physically. Release them and let others benefit. Take the magazines you have read (or aren't getting around to reading) and drop them at your hairdresser, doctor, dentist, or gym. You can even put a label "Compliments of (your business)" so you are promoting your business and tax deducting the cost of the publication!

3. Remember, everything you have in your piece of the universe requires your time, money and attention. All the possessions and people require a piece of you. Stuff has to be used, stored, cleaned, and repaired. People (and pets), will also take a bite out of your life, so make sure you include the ones that you love to love. Distance yourself as much as possible from those who take more than they contribute to your desired lifestyle. Do you love this new sweater enough to take time to hand wash or bear the expense to dry clean it? Will you really USE this book or program? Do you WANT to "spend" your time and energy to be with someone?

My mother once said that anything you got once you could get again. The things that are irreplaceable are few and far between, so be bold and clear your space! Step away from the fear of scarcity and lack. Step toward faith in the abundance of the Universe. No doubt your life, home and office will always be full. Just make sure you are in charge of filling it with what matters and helps you achieve your goals.

Debbye Cannon may be contacted at

Debbye Cannon knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed. Twenty-five years ago she had two kids in diapers, a husband in the military, Scout leader and a growing home-based business. It wasn’t long before she had a breakdown on her sticky kitchen floor. Now, Debbye's sharing the... SMARTcuts that saved her sanity . . . and has since helped women all over the country take control of their chaotic lives. Visit her online at


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