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Don't 'Let it Be, Let it Be,' Let it GO!
by Debbye Cannon

Do you sometimes feel like you live in a combination of a museum and an every-day tag sale? Have you and your family been "stuffed" to the gills? Stuff here, stuff there, stuff everywhere! Imagine creating and living a life where you had tons of room to move, breathe and GROW.

As women, we have an invitation to live great lives. Quite simply, we don't have to be content being the "supporting cast" in our own show. Sometimes we fill our homes, our wardrobes, our cars, etc., with distractions and stuff so that we may avoid the big picture -- that we are vibrant and we have very real dreams waiting to be realized, but we don't go for it. We're "on hold."

How many things stand in your way every day? Have you cluttered your home and littered your life with distractions in every corner? Well wake up ladies, it's time to LET IT GO. Clean it out, clean it up and go for it! Let's start; with clean it out. Why do we keep the law of abundance at bay? Have we become gluttons for "buy one get three free?" Did you really need four of those things? Or are you so busy intending to recycle that you're literally hoarding trash?

Remember, everything you have literally costs you the most valuable asset you have -- your time. It demands your effort to bring it home, your attention to use and resources to maintain it. So from now on, your mission becomes to unburden your home (and your life) from as much as possible. What you are creating isn't just free space, it's free time -- in this case, less is definitely MORE.

Each new acquisition begins to beg the question "Is it worth my time?" You will even feel better, since simplicity creates less stress and more relaxation . . . and we all know that less stress translates to healthier bodies.

Start today. Choose an "area for action." Analyze the area: Why does the clutter collect there? Is there insufficient storage space? Does it take too long to put things away? (SMARTcut solution: Coat hooks for everyday jackets instead of closets.) How about simply having too much? How many pairs of shoes do you really wear? If you haven't worn them in the last year, chances are that they don't work for you. Toss them or donate them!

Next, visualize the outcome for each space. Be bold! Don't limit your imagination. What will this space be used for? By whom? What does (and doesn't) need to be in the space? Where will the necessary things go? How possible it all becomes when the possibilities are endless!

Write down your plan and schedule a date. Put it on your calendar and guard it with your life! Then, take a "before" photo, buy what supplies you need, and get started! Remember that kids and phone calls and email are like "lions, tigers and bears" when it comes to this effort -- so limit distractions! Be sure to stay in your area; migrating around will not get the job done.

SMARTcut: Use three receptacles -- Put Away, Throw Away, and Give Away. Afterwards, remove the "GIVE AWAY" box immediately. Use the "Put Away" container for items that belong in other rooms, i.e., your son's baseball mitt, your favorite recipe book that you've been looking for or your husband's lost car keys . . . just put it all in the basket to deliver later. Remember, stick to your mission! Get the Throw Aways out the door before you or someone else reclaims them! Now take your "after" photo and sit back and admire your hard work! You have reclaimed your space and earned a little R&R.

For more free SMARTcuts, visit And if you want a pat on the back, feel free to send your before and after photos to me to post in my Success Stories.

Debbye Cannon may be contacted at
Debbye Cannon knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed. Twenty-five years ago she had two kids in diapers, a husband in the military, Scout leader and a growing home-based business. It wasn’t long before she had a breakdown on her sticky kitchen floor. Now, Debbye's sharing the... SMARTcuts that saved her sanity . . . and has since helped women all over the country take control of their chaotic lives. Visit her online at



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