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Top 4 Ways to Make Fitness Fun for You
by Chris Callegari

Do you wake up every morning anxious as heck to start your fitness training routine?

Do you come home from a hard day’s work and look forward to focus on your nightly workout session, or some family fun fitness?

Do you?

Well, you should!

In fact, you should be fired up!

Don’t laugh……….I’m serious.

Exercising and fitness should be something that you can’t wait to do!

Other than the many documented benefits of exercise (and the many that I have talked about, and will continue to talk about)……… should feel refreshed to do something different during the day and something that will directly benefit you and your life.

Your fitness routine should not be “routine”…if you catch my drift.

Make it different, make it challenging, and test yourself………

Now that is fun.

Ok, on to the specifics…

I’m going to give you 4 EASY ways to make your exercise regimen fun for you……..

Here goes…….

1. Do something fun as your workout……….not to make this sound too simplified, but your workout should not be the same thing everyday. Nor should it be a trip to the gym every other day seeing how much bench press you can throw up. Your routine should be varied………from bodyweight exercises, to rock climbing, to running/walking hills, to sprinting etc. Make it fun and make it exciting……you will come back for more, much more.

2. Challenge yourself – Let me tell you, doing the same routine (i.e. bench press, arm curls, tricep extensions, etc. etc.) will BORE you quickly. When you are BORED, you get complacent, which means your workouts are less intense, which means you are not focusing on your muscles, which means you might as well go back home and lay on your couch with some greasy potato chips because you are wasting your time. If you can only do 8 pullups, try to do 9 (even if you have to cheat a little to get to 9)…test yourself, make challenges for yourself, and make everything a game. Try and see if you can 1up yourself every workout (in some way, large or small). You will be amazed at what you can do.

3. Focus on your end goal – I can assure you……..if you lull around every workout and say things to yourself like “it’s gonna take me forever to get in shape”, and “I’ll never look like him/her, that’ll take too long”, well your just gonna make yourself depressed. EXERCISE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO CAUSE DEPRESSION, lol! Exercise naturally makes you feel good, and puts you in a better mood…take advantage of that. Focus every workout on how GREAT you’re going too look now and in the future. Be your own motivational speaker. And SURELY don’t worry about what others think of you. We don’t care about them.

4. Workout with a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife etc…..(by the way, working out together makes for a great date). This is a great way to keep you motivated, especially when you see someone you care for working out just as hard or harder than you. Encourage each other, help each other, and push each other. Get together with the family, and have some family fun fitness time together. Here’s another free tip: If you really want to strive for success, workout with people who know MORE than you. That way, you can ask questions and LEARN along the way. One thing that I found out is, people LOVE to talk about themselves (especially fitness), and tell you what they are doing. Use this to your advantage.

Always remember that you have to exercise CONSISTENTLY (keep up with your fitness training routine), you cannot expect to follow my instructions, yet only exercise once a week. That will never work, you have to have discipline, you have to be consistent, and great things will happen. Talk to you soon.

Chris Callegari may be contacted at or
See his website at


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