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The Marketing World Is Changing!
by Jessica Swanson

In the last five years marketing has changed tremendously. With the onset of the internet and now social media sites, the marketing world has literally turned upside down.

Interestingly enough, marketers were not the ones to initiate these changes. The change was set into motion by consumers.

Consumers became tired of aggressive, directive and interruptional marketing tactics. They became tired of companies telling them what to buy and how to spend. Consumers wanted to take part in the buying decision.

Here are seven reasons why free marketing is literally taking over the world:

1. Traditional Marketing Is Losing Its Effectiveness. Research suggests that traditional marketing will be 1/3 as effective by 2010. That means TV commercials, radio ads, newspaper ads and other "traditional' types of advertsing don't work as well as they did several years ago.

2. Marketing Is Now Interactive. Traditional advertising is not interactive. However, consumers are now interested in communication and interaction with the companies that they do business with.

3. Marketing Is Based On Relationships. In order to be effective, you must develop relationships with your customers before you do business. That's right...relationships first, business second!

4. Marketing Is Informational. Your customers are interested in learning about you and your company. You need to supply them with valuable resources and information to help them trust you and want to do business with you.

5. Marketing Is Not Just For "The Expert" Anymore. Traditional marketing was so expensive and complicated that you needed specific training in order to launch an effective marketing campaign. Now, anyone can break into the world of marketing. Although there is still a learning curve, it isn't nearly as steep as it used to be.

6. Free Marketing Allows You To Establish Yourself As The Expert. There is no better platform than free marketing to establish your knowledge and expertise. Even better, there are hundreds of places to tap into that will automatically establish this presence for you!

7. Grow Your Business Without Spending A Dime. Gone are the days of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars marketing your business. You now can be just as effective, if not more effective, without spending a single penny. What could be better than that?

Change is in the air! Marketers are now able to effectively and efficiently grow their small businesses on a shoestring budget. And, what is better than FREE in today's economy?

Jessica Swanson may be contacted at

Jessica Swanson, “The Shoestring Marketer,” has helped entrepreneurs, all over the world, explode their businesses using cutting-edge, proven and completely free marketing strategies. To download your FREE Marketing Kit, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, learn the exact techniques for marketing their businesses for NO-COST, visit: Shoestring Marketing Kit



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