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The Mindset that Maximizes Business Opportunities
by Peter McLean

The successful business person is always on the lookout for opportunities. The ability to enhance and exploit these business opportunities is a critical skill to master.

Shaping our thinking to encompass this ability is essential in our own leadership skills development and is one of the most important qualities of good leadership.

If we want to succeed at the highest level, this capacity must be integrated into the very fabric of our business. There are four key elements in developing the mindset that will insure we make the most of our opportunities.

One - Focus Your Thinking on Your Mission, Vision and Values

The "being open to opportunities" mindset is created, energized and informed, in the first instance, by knowing what we are in business for and for whom.

The passion and emotion that initially prompted the successful business person to start his or her venture is spelled out in the fundamental elements of Mission, Vision and Values. In the high performance business, these foundational elements are clearly articulated and continually reinforced.

Mission, Vision and Values create the belief system of the business. Commitment to these elements keeps everyone in the business working together with high energy and clarity of purpose.

These elements become the mantra of the business and everyone in it. Mission Vision and Values form the creed in the successful business enterprise. The belief system, so created, first shapes the thinking in the business and then transforms that thought into effective decisions that maximize opportunity and deliver outstanding results.

Thinking deeply, in keeping with, and bounded by, this belief system, is critical for generating and seizing opportunities as they arise. It sets the scene and the framework for the pursuit of excellence in everything that is undertaken by the business.

Two - See the Connections

Once the belief system is in place and firmly established, it becomes the lens through which all our strategic business activities are viewed. The belief system thus constructed engenders a spirit that inspires everyone to look for ways of fulfilling the Mission and the Vision of the business, in line with the strategic business plan.

The sense of purpose and direction that this inspiration creates is astounding. The business environment and the work undertaken within it are experienced as satisfying and fulfilling. This ethos, deliberately established and boxed, exerts a highly motivating influence on all the employees in the business. They trust their intuition and creative insights and combine their enthusiasm with well thought through planning.

Everyone is on the lookout for opportunities and making the most of them. They see patterns and trends based in real, first-hand experience of the world. They learn from their mistakes and adapt quickly. The momentum gathers. People throughout the business see connections between elements where none existed before, in light of their understanding and living the Mission and Vision of the business.

The people in such environments experiment and develop new ideas that deliver innovative solutions and insure that the most is made out of the opportunities that emerge.

Opportunity analysis becomes a natural process within the bounds of the strategic agenda of the business.

Three - Create the High Trust Business Culture

Working with, through and for others are the hallmarks of the high performance and high trust business culture. Making the most of opportunities in business relies on everyone being bound together by the same values.

Building diverse relationships and making connections that will enhance or exploit new thinking and rapid response only occurs in the context of a shared value base and a clearly articulated strategic business plan.

The vital qualities of self-awareness and good interpersonal communication are evident in the way people treat each other and get their work done.

In the high trust business culture, everyone is reminded constantly and on a daily basis of the reason the business exists and the way that business must be conducted. It is only in such environments that opportunities can be maximized.

In contrast, when this shared value base is not in place, most business activities ultimately fail. When the lack of a shared value base is combined with a deficiency in strategic business focus, a company has virtually no chance to maximize its business opportunities.

Four - See Everything in Your Business as an Opportunity

This component of the "being open to opportunities" mindset comes as a result of having the other three key elements, mentioned above, in place and constantly reinforced.

Everything, and I mean everything, that is going on in your business has within it the potential and power for developing a new product or improved service. But, you must have the eyes to see this. This means making a decision and acting on it. It means listening to the trends and issues in the external environment and to the people around you.

The business driver in the value-based business comes as a result of a deliberate choice that is made. It cannot be left to chance. It is a choice to use all of your unique capabilities to pursue your Mission and Vision and by so doing, reap even greater benefits. Such a decision can only be made on the basis that the three previous elements are fully implemented.

By exploiting the very means through which you develop and currently deliver your range of products and services and by incorporating such initiatives into your planning mechanisms, you will achieve a higher return on investment and reach exponentially higher levels of performance as a business. However, to do this successfully, all of the fundamentals must be firmly in place. Otherwise, you are truly sailing on a wing and a prayer.

Peter McLean is a highly experienced Coach, Senior Manager, Consultant, Business Owner and Company Director. He successfully coaches top Executives in some of Australia’s leading multi-national companies. One such Senior Executive recently won an International Award for Excellence within his particular field. In addition, Peter works extensively in the Public, Private, Commercial and Not-for-Profit sectors, delivering outstanding results for his clients. To learn more of how you can benefit from Peter’s experience, visit the Essential Business Coach web site!



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