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Get Your Marketing Mojo Working For You
by Laura West

Having worked with thousands of creative women entrepreneurs over the years, I see the common trend: you fall into the "safe marketing" place. Doing what everyone else is doing, using the same descriptor words, offering the same types of products and programs . . . and then wondering why your marketing efforts aren't paying off with client interest and joint venture opportunities.

Turn your marketing around with these three Marketing Mojo perspectives.

1. What is your Movement? People don't want to be marketed "to" or "at" anymore. Their days are too busy -- they want to be moved. They want stories, passions, reasons to take action. They want hope and solutions presented to them that will change their routines and better their worlds in some way -- whether it's because they'll change their habits, they'll heal, they'll laugh, they'll be entertained, or they'll achieve their dreams.

You have to step into your confidence about your passion and create more than a marketing strategy. Create marketing that moves people. They want to work with you or make a purchase from you because they are so engaged, your message is so compelling. They will read your ad or sales page, and they won't be able to stop thinking about it -- or talking about it.

Your movement comes from your own passion -- either what has brought you pain or what brings you joy. A mother on my tennis team couldn't find bottles and sippy cups that were "plastic safe," so she created them herself. She is passionate about it, knowing that other moms are looking for these too. She is daring to put her passion into a product and sharing it with others too.

2. Give Them A Reason To Care. The world has changed and is continuing to move fast. In our information-drenched world, you have to capture your potential customers' attention and give them a reason to read what you've written, to listen to your teleclass (one of hundreds that is sitting in their inbox) or your pre-recorded audio (where they had good intentions when they signed up, but now they've forgotten why they want to take the time to listen -- not to mention it's gotten buried down the list of emails in their inbox), or take the time to watch yet another video on YouTube.

The world wants to hear messages that resonate with authenticity and integrity. Dare to step up and speak your truth about your passionate area of expertise and call people forward to take action on what really matters to them.

3. Find Your Authentic Marketing Style. Let's face it, not every one is cut out to be Oprah. Having a successful business isn't about being someone else. The real secret is to know yourself and use that for maximum impact in your marketing. If you are an amazing writer, then ezines and blogging are perfect for you. If you have a great voice, then try audios, an Internet radio show, or a podcast to get your movement out into the world. If you look appealing on camera and communicate well visually, then let your message loose in video. Don't try to do what doesn't come naturally to you . . . lean into your Authentic Marketing Style. People will love it! When they love it, they'll pay attention. They'll be moved to share it. And they'll be moved to buy what you are offering.

Your Work:

Dare to let loose your passion. Create a movement. Go deep. Be truthful. Speak from your heart. Focus on the marketing vehicle that feels right to you and do it well . . . .so well that people talk about it!

Laura West may be contacted at

©Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Laura West is an award-winning online entrepreneur and president of The Center for Joyful Business. If you are ready to shift your marketing and mindset for more success with joy and ease, get your free report: Business Attraction Success Kit



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