Are your tweets interesting and action-provoking?

The article I published on today is by Michele PW. It’s titled “Twitter – How to Write Tweets That Get Peeps to Take Action.” Michele advises you to write tweets that show your personality, demonstrate your habit of sharing and giving freely, and that entertain.

The way I interpret “entertain” in context in her article is “be interesting.” That got me to thinking: how interesting can you be in the space of 140 characters, including spaces?

The first thing that came to mind was that copywriters and other in marketing have to be interesting within the space of a few words. They generally focus on having interesting and intriguing headlines. Maybe, if you think about a tweet as being quite a bit like an ad headline you can do double duty for yourself: You can practice developing great headlines for your articles and use them as the basis of your tweets.

Since I was thinking about copywriting, I wandered over to the fabulous to see what might be posted on headlines over there. Naturally, I came up with a fistful of diamonds. After you take a look at Michele’s article, here are some articles you might want to look at on copyblogger:

1. “10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work” —

2. “The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines” —

3. “The Cheater’s Guide to Writing Great Headlines” —

And, as an added bonus, there’s a great post from on being interesting: “How to Be Interesting” — had a post that followed up on the post: “23 More Excellent Ways To Be Interesting (And More Creative)” —

And weighed in with: “How to be Interesting: 27 Tips to Becoming a Remarkable Person” — — which is about in-person conversations, but can be re-worked for being interesting in writing.

If all the above doesn’t keep you busy enough in becoming really interesting in print, I might have a few words to say on the subject at some later time. ;- )