Article repurposing and creating fresh content

Today, I published a guest article by Sandra Martini, “Article Marketing Repurposing Strategy — and it’s NOT posting articles online.” Her title is right, it’s not about posting articles online, it’s about a very excellent idea: using articles as the bases for teleseminars. Her idea is to develop an article into a script for a 60 minute teleseminar that’s designed to grow your email list.

(She does cover the issue of whether to charge for the teleseminar or not.)

I’d like to add my suggestion that you record the teleseminar and make it available as a product — for a fee, as a bonus product or as a freebie to induce even more folks to sign up for your list.

Moreover, if you have a series of related articles on a niche theme, why not do a series of related teleseminars? Record them, combine them and use them as a coherent audio course. Preferably for $$$. Depending on the number and size of the files, you could even produce a CD or DVD. Naturally, I’m assuming here that you know how to produce quality teleseminars and recordings.

Yesterday, I published a guest article, “5 Quick and Simple Tips for Creating Fresh Newsletter Content” by Kendall Summerhawk. All of her tips are good and apply equally well to website articles and blog posts. I’d also like to add something to a couple of them.

She says that when she attends a workshop, she keeps a note sheet for article ideas that she gets while listening to the presentations or talking with other attendees. I’ve done the same for many years, but I’ve noticed more and more that others are bringing their laptops with them and making notes. Even better, I’ve got some continuing ed requirements coming up, and I’ll be taking an iPad. Not only are there apps for notes and word processing, but also Nuance’s Dictation app for the iPad gives me the ability to record my ideas and have them turned immediately into text. Much faster than typing or handwriting.

She also advises that you write about the issues that your clients are struggling with. Good idea. Now pair that with the workshops you attend and ask your fellow attendees what issues their clients are struggling with. And listen to the stories they tell about their own issues with clients. Lots more ideas there.