Articles on selling through storytelling, and on automating business functions

This morning I published an article by Craig Harrison, “Sales Through Storytelling: Story Tell, Story Sell!” Most entrepreneurs have heard the advice that you should sell a product, idea or service based on its benefits, rather than fact and features. Everyone wants to know “what’s in it for me?” Harrison goes a step farther. He says to tell 30-second or less “success stories.” That will not only demonstrate the benefits, it will also act as a kind of testimonial.

His points are well-taken. Sure, you want to know how the product, idea or service will benefit you. But isn’t it more powerfully persuasive to know how it has benefited others in actual practice?

Yesterday, I published “3 Processes to Put Your Business on Automatic Pilot,” by Sandra Martini. Martini’s recommendations are simple and basic, but I know a number of folks who don’t bother with them. Whether you are a service provider, as she is, or sell products, you would benefit from automating initial contacts, making up customer orientation packages (or providing FAQ’s and other information packages) and making sure to have a regular schedule for marketing activities.

These days, few of us can afford to get a lot of help with our work. The more ways we can find to automate and cut down the work, the better.