Articles Perform Better With Images

This lovely pond in an oriental garden has a path of cut stones running through it. There are many possible thoughts and meditations that can be based upon the path alone. Or just sitting and viewing the image can be relaxing and refreshing in an of itself.

As I pointed out in my earlier post on the positive effects of being in or observing “nature,” it is usually just as effective to observe images of natural settings as to be present in them.

But images can be used for far more than re-creating the stress reducing effects of observing natural settings. After all, the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is quite true.

If you are writing articles or blog posts, you must be adding images whenever possible. You expand and enhance your words immeasurably.

It’s easy to see that you must use images in how-to or demonstration articles. It’s even easy to see that you should use them in inspiration or motivation articles. Or in any article designed to produce an emotional response. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even consider leaving them out of a sales page.

But almost every article can be improved by adding at least one image at the top to the left of the text. That’s because an image captures attention, stimulates the imagination, helps focus your reader’s mind on your subject and creates an anticipation of learning something new and interesting.

If you haven’t been using images in your articles or posts, reconsider. There are plenty of online resources that are of reasonable cost. And there are a number of free sources.

As I’ve said before, I like because its annual membership is so reasonably priced. But, and are well-respected and have fine collections. And you can get some great images at public domain sites, shared on wikimedia commons or on photo-sharing sites like Not to mention that Microsoft Images has thousands of free photos to use. Just do some research, read terms of use and find your faves.

(P.S. I have no affiliate connections to any of the sites listed above.)