Articles Update

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been juggling several time-disrupting events (one of which you can read about in “Bring On The Distractions,” described below.) So, it’s about time for an update on the articles I’ve been adding to the website. I’m not going to tell you about them all. You can find a list of all the articles added over the last 30 days on the home page, Right now, I’m just going to update you on some of the ones I’ve written myself, starting with the latest first:

Can A Workplace Have A Panic Attack? — Not being contented with an earlier article (“The Sky is Falling!”) for solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses on the subject of anxiety and catastrophizing, I wrote a stronger depiction of what happens in the larger workplace during times of high stress. This is primarily addressed to management of mid-sized and larger organizations. Solo entrepreneurs and micro business owners need only to mind themselves. In larger organizations, an entire segment of the organization, composed of many employees, can exhibit the symptoms usually found in an individual, and management needs to have leaders ready to deal with it.

You Can’t Beat The System: Unfair Power Plays In The Workplace — Who says you can’t beat city hall? Or “the system.” Many people have. You’ve got options.

Bring On The Distractions: Maintaining Focus While Dealing With Workplace Chaos — It happens to all of us, no matter where we work or for whom we work — things are going along productively and some sort of crisis hits. All work stops to deal with the crisis. It may not be a very big crisis, but it hangs over us until solved. Not to worry: the workplace basic necessities of a “to do list” and a simple scheduler usually solve any distractions from crises.

Follow Your Passion or Impassion Your Work — The idea of “following your passion” is much more than a bit of fluff advice from “touchy-feeley” coaches. The solid psychology behind it is that strong positive feeling for your work is the best motivator we know for overcoming obstacles and getting through hard times. It also builds belief in your work and enthusiasm, both within you and your employees. Not to mention that it enhances your enjoyment when things are going well.

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling on My Business! — Do you “catastrophize?” Do you look for signs and omens that something terrible is going to happen to you or your small business? Do you constantly imagine the worst? Relax. You’re not alone.

Acceptance Defeats Worry — You’ve probably heard about the idea of “accepting” unpleasant circumstances, events or people. Maybe you understand it to be a “letting go” of power struggles, or just resigning yourself to enduring all of the unpleasantness you anticipate from whatever you are worrying about. Actually, it’s a way of getting rid of most of the unpleasantness, releasing the need to struggle and finding practical ways to deal with the actual results of circumstances, events and other people’s behavior.