Get A Job With The Largest Employer In The USA

In my article Get A Job With The Largest Employer In The USA, I go over the latest, most relevant statistics for the largest employer group — small business — and why it’s the best resource for jobs or creating your own job. With the state of today’s employment picture and the recent trend of “jobless economic recovery” we’ve seen in the ups and downs over the last twenty years or more, it has become obvious that big business and government don’t help the unemployed get back to work.

Massive layoffs are not recent trends. Widespread underemployment and permanent unemployment (people over 40 get laid off and never find another job) have been highly visible problems for a least a couple of decades. Much of it is not from the current economic crisis but from the long term effects of job obsolescence (e.g. typesetters for newspapers) and outsourcing of jobs to other countries. Add that to the reluctance of business to provide on the job training and the constant downsizing in public education and training and you get lots of folks with no jobs.

If you’ve got a skill or set of skills that are valuable and sales worthy, it’s time to think of going into business for yourself or finding a job with a small business that needs you. Small businesses represent 99.7 percent of private sector employers. They need trained or trainable employees who will start small with them and grow. Go get a job in the small business sector, or create your own job by employing yourself. Don’t wait for big business or government to help you. It’s not happening.

Best Sites For Submitting Informational, Instructional And How-To Videos

Savvy internet marketers have been using videos for a while now to get traffic to come to their sites. And content publishers have also discovered the popularity of videos to attract attention and keep their sites “sticky.”

If you’ve joined the multimedia revolution and you have “serious” content that needs a better targeted audience than YouTube and others catering to an impossibly large variety of tastes, you need to check out the venues in my article Best Sites For Submitting Informational, Instructional And How-To Videos.

It’s more than a list of sites to which you can submit your media; it’s got descriptions of each site that help you select the best fit for you. Saves you a bunch of time looking for who does what. There are more sites than I list, but I spent hours exploring most of them and finding the ones of highest quality.

Mastermind groups, Staying Motivated and Business Owner Success

My three favorite guest articles from the past week are:

How to Start and Run Your Own Mastermind Group by Stephanie Chandler. The introduction of the Mastermind Group concept has long been attributed to Napoleon Hill from his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” But brainstorming groups have been known for centuries and the concept of the Mastermind Group is only a bit more focused. Nevertheless, Ms. Chandler does an excellent job of describing the who, what, where, when, how and why of these very useful meetings in a succinct fashion. It’s a guidebook in less than two printed pages. Print out a copy for yourself. Handy tool.

•In 3 Ways To Stay Motivated When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Career Change, Annemarie Segaric explains how to deal when Murphy’s Law inevitably throws obstacles in the way of your plans to do some serious good for your career.

The Four Secrets of a Successful Business Owner by Peter McLean offers tried and true advice on the underpinnings of a workable, high-performing small business. Another article worth printing out as a reminder of why you want to be in business.

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