A few words on formatting posts.

Quick Update

I’ve spent some time in developing some blogging resources for you mini- and micro-entrepreneurs out there who do your own WordPress blogs.

Many of us have discovered how difficult it can be to find and adapt themes to our own styles of presentation.  Themes and theme-builders can get expensive.  Plug-ins for making the themes do what we want add up the $$ too.  And most folks don’t have time to learn how to use complex themes or plug-ins, not to mention learning how to modify WP manually.

Like many others, I’ve found it difficult to get WP Post Formats (like aside posts, status posts, gallery posts, etc.) to work with my favorite themes.  And I really want some variety in the way my posts look.  So, what I’m doing now — again, as I used to do — is simply adding html to my new posts to create the looks I want.

You’ll notice that this post is styled a bit differently than the ones below. It’s an example of a subtle change that can create more visual interest and attention.

In the next few days, I’ll be showing you examples of ways to present your content differently and add variety to your post styles with a quick and simple code.

You’ll get both the demo of the style and the code for it from the article.

(Also, in other posts, I’m still going to be expanding the elements of performance and productivity that I promised in yesterday’s post.)

10 Essential Elements of Human Performance and Productivity

High performance and productivity have more elements and characteristics than you can shake a stick at.  The literature in the field is full of tips for improving your performance and productivity.

But you don’t want to spend months or years trying to figure out what works best for you.  So, from time to time those of us who spend a great deal of attention on these issues come up with handy little lists of essentials to help you focus on the more meaningful and helpful areas to work on.

Here’s one of my latest ones.  I’ll be taking each of the elements and expanding them in later posts.

But, don’t just wait for me! You can use the list to go out and research what others have already said.  And if you do wait for me, I’ll be including my favorite links in those future posts on the elements.


The List: 10 Essential Elements of Performance and Productivity


1. Energy — You have to have the physical and psychological stamina and drive to start, follow through and finish up.  We all have be taught to think about time management for getting things done, but the real work is in energy management.  You can plan and strategize and schedule all you want,  but if you don’t have the energy at the time you schedule the action or the stamina to go through all the steps to finish, the time doesn’t matter at all.

Continue Reading This Post! There’s Lots More…10 Essential Elements of Human Performance and Productivity

Fun With PowToon

Summary: The following article tells of a great (but time-limited) deal for making animated videos.  At the bottom, there is a video demo of the results I got with my first try.


I got a great deal from AppSumo yesterday on the Pro version of PowToon. PowToon.com is an online service that lets you make very quick animated videos. You can use it for explainer-videos, marketing and just plain entertainment. You can publish what you do as a movie or a slide show. PowToon will even put it directly into YouTube, Facebook and/or other media.

And, if you take the PowToon upgrade offer in the already fabulously discounted Pro deal from AppSumo, you’ll be able to use your creations commercially. It usually costs $228 for a year’s subscription to PowToon, but AppSumo is offering it for $49.  And the upgrade offered after you register at PowToon is another $49 for the commercial license.  Apparently the usual cost for the commercial upgrade is over $600.

In addition to the ways you can use it on your website, you could also make entertaining slides for some serious presentations.  After all, one of the most-given pieces of advice to educators and speakers is to add humor or something that is entertaining and engaging to presentations.

These days, it isn’t just content that is king, it’s video content that is king.  And video (or slideshow) content is king for speaking, training and educational professionals as well.

I have no relationship to either AppSumo.com or PowToon.com other than being a customer.  If you want to try PowToon.com before committing any money, they have a free version.  But don’t wait too long.  This is only good for a few days.

As a brand-new user of PowToon, I took the opportunity to try it out by making a demo of what can be done in a matter of minutes with their system.  It ain’t polished, but it is my first attempt.  Have a look.