Can you really double your reading speed?

""I realized a bit after my post yesterday that I had talked all about the “get stuff done” part of making the video I presented to you — and almost no word about the video itself.

Let me remedy that.

The title, “Double Your Reading Speed Now,” tells part of the story up front. I give you two basic techniques I invented and that I’ve been using myself since about 1975, when I was in school, and started teaching to others a few years later. It’s based on one of the first articles I published on, with the same name.

The techniques are a take-off of the old pacing hand method, but with a twist. They don’t merely help focus the eyes on the material and speed the pace; they prevent the biggest obstacle to fast reading: the tendency to re-read. You really can double your reading speed — or better — with the techniques I demonstrate. And it’s just a start. There may be a lot of “speed reading” scams out there, but there are also real people reading at speeds around 1000 words per minute. (Of course, that takes practice. It doesn’t happen overnight.)

I also show how you can make yourself see word groups, rather than individual words, and how to stop “vocalizing.”

Please take a look at it and let me know how you like it. Or if you’d like to see more techniques on the subject.