Performance and Productivity Tool for Website and Social Media Engagement

I found a first-rate performance/productivity tool for you to increase user engagement on your blog, site or social media.  Look at this:


Isn’t that a smashing photo?  I created the text/photo combination in a couple of minutes and downloaded it for this blog. You could have it on your own blog.  Or as a visual tweet.  Or on Facebook.  Or whatever.  It’s pretty well-known that visuals create greater engagement than text alone.  Much, much greater.  It’s also well-known that visuals communicate a considerable amount more than text.  That visuals keep your reader’s attention better than text alone.  That visuals get people to stop long enough to actually read your text.

But, back to the photo above. If you got it from the same source as I did, you could put your own words on it.  Or a great quote.  You could modify the photo.

You could do many things with this and hundreds of thousands of other photos, vector drawings, textured backgrounds, color backgrounds, etc.  And you can do that in minutes.

You can then share it directly to social media and/or download it to use on your site or blog. has a little web-based tool that lets you put some attention-getting text into a background and automatically share it.  They provide the backgrounds and the text-creation device.  So, for example, it you wanted to share a quote or create a quote from some article you were reading online, you’d just clip the text, hit the bookmarklet for ShareAsText, pick a photo or other background, paste it in, adjust the text block, hit the share or download button and be done.

Boom! You’ve created a tweet with an image.  Which will be more likely to be noticed and retweeted than simple text.

But wait.  For a couple more days, AppSumo is running a special on the Pro version of ShareAsImage for $25 for a lifetime membership.  Considering that at this time it costs $8 per month for the Pro version, that’s an outstanding bargain.  (There is a free version that you can try out.)

Go try out and if you like it, buy it at AppSumo.  But you need to be quick to get the $25 price.

P.S. Although the photo was marked as public domain, I like to give credit when I know who the photographer is. The photo was by Fré Sonneveld

Three video series on video marketing for small business

I’ve been following several companies on Twitter. One — eTelligent Strategies — is a marketing consulting company that has been creating some very helpful videos for YouTube. Here is a series of three videos they’ve put together with tips on getting started with successful video marketing. If you like their series, you might want to follow up by visiting them at and look for their blog.

Other than the high quality of the videos themselves, there are two excellent features of these videos. They are no more than two minutes long (but truly cover the topic), and there is a written article below each of them that covers the same material.

In Video #1, Tracy Swain hosts this series from and begins by explaining how valuable video marketing is to your overall marketing and promotion strategies. As she tells you, video marketing allows you to reach a larger audience, build your brand, and develop your SEO.

In Video #2, Tracy tells you the top three essentials to getting started with video marketing: Do your research, make sure your content has high perceived value, and be consistent in uploading more and more content until your efforts pay off. But you already know that marketing of any kind never stops, right?

In Video #3, Tracy talks about three common mistakes beginners make when starting with video marketing. She reminds you that you really need to have a reasonably high quality to the video — you can do it yourself, but learn how to do it yourself first. Second, you should remember that YouTube is a social platform and be sure to check your comments and make your videos the beginning of an ongoing conversation. Third, you should share and promote your video in as many venues as possible.

YouTube Marketing Tip Video Recommendation

Tom Antion, a well-known trainer of presenters and marketers, has made a helpful little video he calls “YouTube Marketing Tip.” It’s a wow of a tip.

If you’ve been paying attention to recent marketing trends, you know that making and publishing videos on your site and on YouTube can help your site or blog rank well in the search engines. Even better, you can beef up the attention your videos get by adding transcripts. Search engines like words. It helps them understand what the video is about. And with its current technology, YouTube can sync your transcript to your video as it runs.

Antion explains how this works, what are the benefits and how to do it yourself inexpensively.