Leveraging successful goal achievement with goal-reversal.

Well, it’s the beginning days of February. Anywhere form one third to one half of the people who had New Year’s resolutions for losing weight have already given up on their exercise and diet programs. But, being a positive thinker, I’m still talking and writing about goals and achievements.

As long as I don’t make anyone feel guilty about goals they’ve abandoned, maybe they’ll think about leveraging goals they’ve already achieved. Or will achieve.

So here’s my latest thought on goals and achievements.

You’ve heard of role-reversal, right? How about goal-reversal? The idea of goal reversal is that you take a goal you’ve achieved and leverage the work and the good feelings from the achievement while it’s all still fresh. At the time it’s just a matter of letting the motivation of the moment carry you to new heights.

Now, I don’t care whether you actually turn your achieved goal backwards (reverse), forwards, inside-out or upside-down. Just turn it into something new and great.

If you are doing it as “reversal,” for example, you might be just celebrating the fact that you wrote an ebook and it’s selling pretty well. Can you excerpt material from the ebook and turn it into10 articles that you post on ezinearticles.com and get traffic to your website to sell more copies of the book?

As another example, thinking about ezinearticles.com, could you enter one of their “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenges?” If you did, you could be careful to write within a particular topic area and then compile a number of articles into a new ebook.

How about videos? You could record a number of five-minute videos for YouTube, for publicity and traffic. Then you could edit them and put together a commercial e-course.

And after you made an e-course from the videos, you could write an ebook about how you did that, what software and hardware you used, and how you marketed it.

The possibilities and examples are endless.

The critical point is that you start with a current success, a current achievement. You use it for inspiration and momentum. As Alexandre Dumas is credited for saying, “nothing succeeds like success.”

Dumas was right. Take your goal achievements and turn them into success after success. Once you’ve got the momentum, keep it going. After you’ve done a reversal, ask yourself what else you could do with the same material. Or what other product, idea or result you could apply a reversal to. Or what else you could do that is similar but that expands on the successful actions you’ve already taken.

Get going. What are you still sitting there reading for?

Motivational quotes and a motivational video

It’s the beginning of the year, so I’ve been writing about motivation. I want to encourage folks to get enthusiastic and get moving on making their new year a great one. I’ve already written about not making resolutions, but developing new ways of thinking and planning. I’ve written about motivation by incentives for performance management. And yesterday, I wrote about using motivational quotes to make positive changes.

In the article “Use Motivational Quotes To Make Positive Changes,” I suggest that the thoughts you dwell upon become beliefs and beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophesies. That is, your thoughts and beliefs affect your behavior and choices. They influence the behavior of people around you. What you focus on comes true.

That’s why Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

While I was doing some research for motivational quotes, I came across a motivational presentation on YouTube. It shows very clearly how your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and attitudes shape your life and make either your dreams or your nightmares turn into reality.

Here is a glimpse of a man born without limbs — severely handicapped, you’d think — turned his life into a joyous and inspiring one. He went from, as his website subtitle says, from no limbs to no limits. His name is Nick Vujicic. When you’ve finished the video, you’ll want to know more. For that, go to his site: www.lifewithoutlimbs.org. You will be amazed, inspired, motivated.

And remember to read my article “Use Motivational Quotes To Make Positive Changes,” which I described earlier.