Product creation/development simple basics

Following up on my rant about the screwy marketing advice that people get on the Internet, I wrote a couple of articles over the last couple of days about the stuff you have to do before developing your marketing. Like maybe determining what is your market and what products or services work best in it.

So many marketing articles — and books — are actually a mishmash of marketing and product creation/development misinformation. They lead the reader to believe that he can just find a hot product, make it quickly with free tools on line or get it ready-made and shipped by the maker; and the right marketing process will take care of everything else. Yeah. Sure. And I’ve got this bridge you might be interested in.

Moreover, most of what I see in product creation/development articles is about info products. It is true that info products are at the top of the “hot products” list. It is true that they are extremely low cost to produce. And they can be relatively fast to produce for the experienced expert. However, not a lot of people are suited to developing info products. Most folks have talents and experience that lie in other directions. So, I wanted to write some stuff that would cover a few basics and a few generalities that apply to most product creation and development for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses.

The two articles I’ve done in the series so far are: (1) “Developing Products and Services — The Basic Idea”; and (2) “Developing Your Own Products: Choosing the Development Method.”