Video on Writing Good Posts

I found a helpful YouTube video: “Business Blogging Tips: Writing Quality Business Blog Posts Every Time.” It falls in neatly with my ongoing post series on writing faster and better.

The video is from and they have more than fifty videos on their YouTube Channel at If you like this video, you might want to check out the rest of their channel for other practical ideas.


Spoof: Google’s Next Algorithm

I meant to post this before my last post. As you could see from that post, I’m leaving the subject of résumés and going to the subject of writing.  Usually I like to do something for a transition.  But, I hadn’t finished the artwork yet.

Considering how much chatter there is among webmasters, bloggers and internet marketers about Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, I thought I’d add a bit of levity to the conversation.  I ran across a photo of a startled squirrel and thought “That’s just what I look like whenever I hear another update of Google’s algorithms is coming.”  So, I made a printable poster with an image of my own. You can download and print it for personal use if you like (or you can “pin” it if you wish. Remember to  give credit.)  Hope it makes you smile.  Just click on the image to get the 8 1/2 x 11 printable pdf.

squirrel algorithm

Site Redesign, Mobile-Friendliness and New Articles

Well, finally, I’m rolling out the first stage of my site redesign for the static part of It’s taking forever. I had to update my skills to CSS3 and HTML5 to get the design I wanted to work well. Then, half-way through, I was convinced by friends and other harassers that I needed to make the site flexible and responsive. That is, mobile-friendly. So, I had to learn how to convert my new design and the design of my other sites to become mobile-friendly. home pageBut my advisers are right. People want to read articles without having to download an app. I know that I want to be able to search for info I need without having to have an app for a multitude of websites. Why do I need ten apps to read ten different newspapers or magazines. Why can’t I just go to their sites and have their web pages designed to fit my tablet or smartphone?

Moreover, I’m changing the focus of my site from merely delivering articles and some e-books to delivering performance and productivity tools. Granted, most of the tools will be for computers, but quite a few will work well — or even better — for mobile devices.  (By “performance and productivity tools” I mean stuff like article templates, résumé templates, video training, video meditation, cheat sheets, checklists and other functional, downloadable or printable products.  Yes, quite a bit of them will be free downloadables.)  I don’t have much available now, but when I do, I want to deliver them in all the possible ways I can.

So, the site is mobile-friendly in the new sections, and this blog is mobile-friendly.  Except that most of the movies on the blog and the site haven’t been updated to be responsive yet.  But go see the new home page and explore a bit.  See if you like the new design.  But be patient, it takes time to update, convert, and replace over 2000 pages of content.  Not to mention the new stuff I will be adding.  (You do want productivity and performance tools as fast as I can make them, don’t you?  For example, one of the goodies I’m working on now is a cheat sheet for Motivational Managers.)

And, I’ve just put up my first new article in the new format, “Make Your Résumé Work Better,” along with a nice downloadable tool to help with résumé design and formatting.