Creating audio and video seminars for fun and profit

Today I published an article by Kendall Summerhawk, How To Create Your Own Audio Mini-Seminar, which, as the title says, is a set of tips on making your own audio seminars as part of your marketing plan for your website, service or product. I was glad to see the article because it reminded me of something I heard about recently in the area of career development and job hunting.

An ambitious young woman I know was frustrated with the lack of training available from her employer and decided to take matters into her own hands. She got together with some co-workers and created a series of simple videos to give orientations and show some basic skills to newcomer employees to help them get started. It not only helped the new employees, it helped the old employees who were being distracted from and slowed down in their own productivity by having to help the newcomers.

My young friend polished up the videos and placed them on a free blogging site (she has both A/V skills and webmaster skills, even though that’s not her work specialty.) Then all she had to do was provide the new employees with links to the training and let them learn.

What she did got noticed and she was offered a promotion. But she was also wise enough to include her volunteer creativity among her accomplishments on her résumé and not long after was offered an even better job at another company.

Give you any ideas?